Friday, January 12, 2007


You know, I'm a pretty patient guy. I consider myself to be fairly laid back most of the time, but here's the deal - months ago my friend here, lets call him Junior, gets ketsup on his tie and is SOL. I just happen to have a tie in my truck, so I loan it to him, nice guy that I am. I think that this happened nearly a year ago now. Do I get my tie back - noooooo. Today, Jr. rubs it in my face by wearing said tie to work, and then alleging that we traded ties. Traded ties?!?! What would I want with a ketsup-stained tie? I'm not sure that Blog-land is the place for inter-work spats, but hey, if not here, than where? Little Jr. here is actually the guy who started a group of us down the path of triathlon. He participated in our first race - a duathlon - and then, well, fell off the map. He even went so far as to buy an awesome Cervelo P2K - the black one with the special finish - which has about 2 miles on it, in case any one's looking for a barely used Cervelo with 650 wheels. Look at this tie - it's a nice tie - I miss this tie - I could have worn this tie today. Jr. was also a culprit in the "borrow Bigun's black shoe polish and brush for a month" scam. I like to leave my polish and brush here at work and take care of my shoes as needed - today, finally, after weeks of hounding these guys (it was borrowed for our company Christmas party back in December) I've got my stuff back. I'm sensing a pattern here.


Tri-Dummy said... gotta nail this guy...

I'm thinking something w/sardines in the cubicle. Email me if you need specifics, I've done it on some of my DEA buddies and they've NEVER retaliated..only begged for forgiveness afterwards.

It's gnarly...right up your alley.
Let me know.

Bolder said...

that's a nice tie.

clearly, you didn't realize that you need to have a 'nice back up' tie for yourself at the ready, and 'man-i-hate-that-tie' tie for the great unwashed.

today, was the day to get out the 'man-i-hate-that-tie' tie and do a little tradesie with Jr.

of course, that was just to get your tie back... bring in the 'man-i-hate-that-tie' tie, and the next time Jr's sportin' somethin' that works, announce to him that today is 'tie trade day' again...

Di said...

Please inform "junior" ...does that mean he has a "little" bike?....that Mrs Bigun picked that tie out for you last Christmas. I LOVE that tie. I don't want to have to follow him home and slap him silly after I have retrieved the tie. I believe that Tri Dummy and Bolder both have presented great ideas on how to take care of "Junior" after I have slapped him silly. Then again, Junior probably enjoys getting slapped around...

The Stretch Doc said...

Tie swapping.. hummm.. never heard of that.. maybe borrowing, lending, using.. BUT come on Jr. give it back!
I like Tri-Dummys idea..
it is a nice tie too!