Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Idol Boys

Ok, so I'm a little, what's the word for it, juvenile? I'm an Idol fan - been one for 5 seasons now (I skipped the first season with Kelly Clark-whatsherface), and Mrs. B and I look forward to this time of year for our late night sit-in-front-of-the-TV-and-veg mode. With baited breath we sat and watched the beginning of the good part of Idol, the actual competition - the singing - and were wholly disappointed.

Many folks enjoy the auditions - we watched, but how many times can you watch Simon make fun of someone that they put in that room on purpose - just to have us watch them get ripped up by the judges? At least this final 24 are supposed to all be able to sing - they have talent - and that's what I like to watch.

I can't sing. I like to pretend that I can - when I'm alone in my car on the way to work is usually when the fantasy comes to life the most. But I do have a decent ear - I can play guitar and pick up songs pretty easy - and what I heard last night, in a nutshell, sucked.

I looked at Mrs. B and asked rhetorically, "don't any of these guys watch the show?"! Out of 12 dudes, there were only 2 that did anything decent and didn't' completely bore me to tears. One of them just won't make it too much further - the jokester - Funny Chris (Chris Sligh) - with the giant hair and belly to match. Decent singer, and has some personality, but probably not good enough (plus, he really pissed Simon off last night - between him and Seacrest, granted, Simon deserved it with his "darling" remark or whatever he said - it will be interesting to see how that plays out, if at all...).

The only one that showed ANYTHING last night was the Beat-box Boy (Blake Lewis) - cool song, good voice; as of last night, he's the only male with any long-term potential. I really don't like the sound effects, so I was glad he showed that he could sing, and that he's not just a gimmick. I'm not calling him my favorite - still have the girls tonight - but I'm picking him as a contender (looking at them again, JT Clone Guy (Chris Richardson) had a good performance - nothing great vocally, but he'll be able to ride his "look" for a few shows...)

So, who's leaving the show on Thursday? My pick would be the show opener - Slurred Word Boy (Rudy Cardenes) - well, his nickname says it all for me...enunciate, ya jerk! I mean, unless your singing Nervana you don't have an excuse. He'll have competition with Gross Goat Boy (Sundance Head) who didn't sing a single note in tune and picked possibly the worst song he could sing. No, I don't vote, so I can't complain (too loudly) about the results. I just hope there's a girl or two that can bring it, or I'm going to have to find something else to watch.


Tri-Dummy said...

Well Bigun...I'm ashamed to say it..buuuuuut...well,
Mrs. Tri-Dummy and I ALSO watch American Idol.

I agree...the guys sucked. BIG TIME. I liked the bald Navy guy, tho.

That Sundance guy needs to do some "man-scaping!"

Bolder said...

um, i am down with a dude watchin' Idol with his wife -- no issues.

but, a public review of the 'boys' on Idol... um, well, um...


dude, i appreciate you being secure in your manhood -- like me, and your big bike -- like me, but, i think the man card has been revoked until further notice.

no need to thank me, i'm here to help!


Born To Endure said...

i loved beat box boy...he was wayyy better than any of them!!

"Smash" said...

TOTALLY agree with your last paragraph. I have been a fan for the last couple and I didn't see anything outstanding.

But I am pulling for the Chris Sligh (??) guy. He is from Greenville,SC where I currently live.

Good luck with your training.