Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Tacboy 'n Bigun are at it again! Episode 4 is out...and in I-tunes for your workout pleasure.

Show notes:

Laughing at ourself
We still suck
Marathon Blues
Tape to the top tube
Tongue tied
Tomb of Shame
Commadore loves us!
Comment Vault
Pad in vs. Pad out (gross!)
Blink Interview!
Tac rips Bigun for no M-dot
TriDummy comments on the Rules of Bling
Clydesdale Corral - Marathon Before Ironman?
Jumper2point0 awesome comment!

Be a bit careful with this podcast - we talk about sex a little bit. No "Adventures", No Commercials, just us this time. We got a bit wordy, sorry....

Thanks for listening!

edit: not sure why it's not listed in I-tunes yet, but if you are a subscriber, it will download, at least it did for me and 66 others yesterday (which is a new, first day record for the Tacboy 'n Bigun Podcast!)


Supalinds said...

SEX?! I can't listen. My ears can't handle that kind of talk :)

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Will download when I get home and run to you guy's tonight on the treadmill.

Unknown said...

i can't help but notice you've messed up your side bar again.

Unknown said...

much bettah.

TRI-ROB said...

SEX? SEX? I sincerely hope that Blink and SEX aren't mentioned in the same sentence!

Oly said...

whatever tri-rooooob. I am sex!

That was a good cast! Not because I'm in it so much but because the production value went up ten fold.


most importantly, your relaxed and your being your selves, it's not forced. I like it!

Oly said...


You mean the Bigun and tac-boy show.

Bullet said...

Just listened to the first one. Will try it out during a workout. Thanks for making it free!

TJ said...

Great show Bigun.
You guys crack me up.

CoachLiz said...


I'm off to download the latest installment now!

Don't like all this international travel my husband is doing. It is a sad state when the Bigun and Tac-boy show gets me randy.

Coach Liz

Anonymous said...


Hope you get this. I keep forgetting to drop you a line.

Hope you're doing better. Marathons are always lessons learned, eh?

We're going to be at WDW in a week. Probably do a 2:00 run on Wed, 5 Mar -- Zach and I are training for the Green Bay marathon in May. Maybe we can get together?

TA --

Sarah said...

New listener and reader. You had me on the floor laughing talking about Evotri. Heh. I'm a fan!!

- Sarah

Michele said...

Hey guys, I listened to #1 and #3 on my 3 hour trainer ride this morning. Thanks it really halped pass the time.

Kate said...

I was laughing out loud at the "swinging bling" point of the podcast. I have to run thru UNO's campus to get from the loop I like to my home and as I was crossing a very busy street laughing out loud, two college kids walked by and looked at me like I was a freak. Hey, it's not me! It's you two. You.are.hilarious.

I vote for more talk about sex. (Yikes, is that alright to say?)

davegibb said...

I'm not sure why Bigun but I can't stop listening. I was on my long run today and listened to 2 and 3. An indepth discussion about that doesn't get me to stop. More superhero discussion that is neccesary...still listening. I realize at about mile 10 this morning that I'm trying to frickin' picture the ridiculous cave or hall or whatever the hell you two are talking about.

Keep up the good work.