Thursday, February 11, 2010

Echo, echo, echo

Sorry gang - been doing too much Facebook (is that really possible?) and not enough blogging - but isn't that the going trend?

I've been getting slammed with Anonymous spam to my comments, so I'm going to take away the ability for Anon folks to comment, and require the word box. Sorry, I've fought that for a while, but it's getting noticeable in my comment sections.

I've been getting about 5hrs a week in training - which really kinda sucks. I know it's the time of year, and this is technically the "off" season, but 5 hrs isn't enough for me to lose any weight. I've been plagued by a deep right hip pain that shows up when running - so I took a couple weeks off from it and have so far, this week, been pain free - so we'll see.

The only highlight to my training as of late has been swimming. Nothing great, mind you, but I've seen progress and am up to 2k at lunch instead of a drowning, splashing, punishing failure of 1k ugliness.

I don't know. The Gator Half is screaming up at me - early March - and I fear it's gonna be uglier than it should be. Meah... I'll take my time and try and have fun, right?

Ok, enough of the ramble. Enjoy the break, and I'll look forward to reading of your '10 season success soon enough!


Unknown said...

Swimming! It's a good thing.

Hopefully that hip will behave itself.

Bill said...

What's this Facebook you speak of?

I just realized I'm friends with Di, but not you.

I promise there's nothing going on. ;^)

But what the heck is "stmated", my word verification?

ShirleyPerly said...

Yeah, what's FB? (something I've been avoiding getting into -- lalalala)

Good to hear you're still doing Gator. There are 3 of us doing it from my tri club. Should be fun if the water isn't too cold.

Formulaic said...

Facebook = evil!

Or at least I tell myself that because otherwise I would NEVER get anything done at work (oh wait!).

Hope you go get that Gator. Enjoy it, and have fun out there.

You are an Ironman, there is nothing [left] to prove!