Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Cripes! This is why I know I won't be doing a fall endurance event. I'm barely into the "cutting" season and already I'm smoked. We got an early spring here in Tampa, compared to last year, with lots of rain and heat making the grass and hedges grow like crazy. Good for business....bad for training. So...we got a big weekend on tap, with plenty of swimming and biking and running to make up for a lackluster training week.

Great reports and photos out of Arizona everyone. I'm glad that Commadore is out of the hospital and back to contemplating another attempt at life without functioning kidneys. Bolder seems recovered from his being chicked - his chart, however, doesn't show the point where he had to beg the ladies to slow down. Duane's on his way to naming his shiny new bike - someone mentioned "Killer" or "Wasp" - I'm sorry, but Duane's a big teddy bear of a man - granted, the wild game in his sights might not agree, but he doesn't fit the killer profile to me. Not that I came up with anything better. Benny's glowing from his fantastic IM finish - and his first hand knowledge that Big J is a great kisser; luckily we have the prose of Nytro to paint a picture of a booze-filled day of debauchery - congratulations to him and to everyone who toed the line that day - from all accounts, it was a brutal race!

Note: I should link the stories of all these references so that you know where I'm getting this from - but I won't.

So, it's ON for this weekend. Starting now. Still have a few to cut today, then a long swim-medium bike-short run brick. Good luck to JT and TriDogMom and Sweet Baboo - oh yea, and Momo too - at Rage this weekend. Have a great race!


Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Stupid grass! Doesn't it know you have a training schedule to stick to!

IronTriTim said...

Stop complaining Bigun, up here in Chicago we've only starting seeing grass in the past few weeks, been snow up to that point.
There has to be some disadvantage to your year round outdoor training center.

momo said...

i backed out of rage. something about peace in my household after the crazy weekend last week.

no worries tho, i'm going to do a mock olympic tomorrow morning and pretend i'm with the outlaws up there in vegas!!

Fe-lady said...

God I should just come here from now on to catch up on everyone's life and races and debauchery.... :-)

Yeah, I am smoked too. But I ain't smokin' grass.... :-)
(Shooting for 16 hours this week....10 down....6 to go!)

TRI-ROB said...

Bigun? Have you bought your pasties for CdA yet?

It's SNOWING as I write this! No joke! The next time I hear your complain about the weather down there... I'm twisting your left nipple off... I mean it.