Friday, August 29, 2008


I liked Tacboy's format...a few blerbs about his goings on, just to keep folks updated.

  • No, I didn't watch the conventions (not tonight's either). Please. The VP? Talk about bloated media hype. It's all sycophantic - these jerks tore each other up a few months ago and now they drip with praise for each other. Unity....right. I may not have ever posted this, but my feeling is that we will NEVER see a true man, or woman, of character, leadership, strong ethics and great ability run for the Presidency again, simply because the process to get there is so sickening. What person of any mettle AND integrity would run for office? And please don't list any of the current running candidates or recent presidents.

  • Those conventions are just giant pep rallies anyway. Cram as many people as you can into an auditorium and prompt them to cheer and go wild and use that to say, "wow - look - the "people" really support this guy". No different than a sitcom's fake studio audience laugh.

  • Won't Clinton ever just go away (Bill, I mean. I feel the same about Hillary, but we're stuck listening to her for a long time to come)?

  • Aaaaaaagh - I'm writing about my least favorite topic - Politics - someone shoot me!

  • No, still no training - not since June 22nd. I've got to change that.

  • I have a promising business lead - will know more in 2 - 3 weeks. Keeping fingers crossed - it will be just what the doctor ordered.

  • Space Raiders on Facebook is awesome. Could be why I haven't trained since June. Or not.

  • It is sooooo hot here. A few hours out cutting grass in 95 degrees and high humidity is really taking its toll.

  • Simply Media is also very cool...echoing Tac's post. Streaming files from friends music and video libraries is neat - of course, I've only got Taconite Boy's music to sort through, and well, remember how Trimama is really into Folk Music (Podcast Episode 1)?

  • Looks like an active hurricane season this year again. I'm finding that Weather Underground is a great source for information on these storms, and there is a cool feature - the Wunder Map - well, you need to see it yourself and if you are at all a weather-geek, like me, you'll dig it.

  • The next podcast episode will be dark. Your triathlon super heroes haven't been feeling "it" lately, so if you want to commiserate with us, by all means, look forward to our Picasso Blue Period piece.

I need a new Blog feed reader - something that tells me when blogs have changed or been posted on. The last 2 I've used no longer work, and I really like not having to peck through every one's blog to find a new post...any suggestions would be welcome.


Unknown said...

Fingers crossed!!

richvans said...

I just use the blogspot blog list - I haven't figured out how to have the cool pics like you've got, but it does show the title of their latest post and when the post was made.

Good luck with the prospect.

The training vibe will come back. Sounds like you've had the perfect storm of disincentive - post IM blues, business, weather.

I know you've talked about heading out to IM AZ, but if you can't make that maybe find a local race to volunteer at. Seeing all those other athletes out there doing their best may be just the ticket to get you to unpack the bike.

Jenny Davidson said...

Google Reader for me...

I thoroughly agree with you about the presidential issue. There is no way a person of genuine integrity makes the choices needed to get him or herself into the position to be either major party's nominee, let alone elected.

SWTrigal said...

I respectfully disagree with your political view but still luv ya bigun!

Philip LaVoie said...

google reader bud. that's how i track you guys.

21stCenturyMom said...

Bloglines works for me. It has improved to the point where you can read most blog entries in their entirety in the reader including seeing their pics and watching videos. Some blogging products don't show the whole post but most do. The updates are quick and reliable.

Bill Clinton is a genius and people love him. He has a huge foundation that does a tremendous amount of great work and yet he does not go around blowing his horn about it . One of my neighbor's kids worked for him. I ♥ Bill Clinton and hope he never goes away.

Tea said...

google reader

and....are you and blink in some kind of secret "nothing" competition? Who's gonna fold first? Who's gonna unpack the bike and crank out a few miles?

oh....the's like ketchup, only BETTER!

Paulie said...

I use Google reader.

IronTriTim said...

Bigun, I hate you... one word spaceraiders!
Some of us are still training for IM. Thank you so much for getting me hooked..

As for feed readers I use google reader.

S. Baboo said...

Love Space Raiders but I suck at figuring games out. How do you raid someone? Di asked me to smack someone and I found her through the link but couldn't do anything but try and recruit her or send her a gift.

Dude, seriously, you and Blink have me worried with all the no training stuff. You've got to get your mojo back!

triguyjt said...

conventions are dog and pony shows......

lots of programmed barking..and so much crap being needs to wear boots.

Andra Sue said...

1) Google Reader is the shiznit.
2) All politicians are slimy, self-serving ass hats.

That is all.

Supalinds said...

You know I have to respectfully disagree with your political views and I too heart Bill Clinton. In fact, I look up to any public servant - on either side of aisle (give or take a few weasels) that put their life in the public sector to be picked apart and hammered down. I believe most of us prefer to sit on the sidelines than to put that much effort forward in representing our country.

But we've talked about this :)