Saturday, September 27, 2008

Almost Fall

The temps are plummeting here in Tampa - 2 or 3 days in a row of sub-90 degree weather has me hopeful and anticipating Fall. Ah yes, fall in Tampa. Where the only thing turning color is the grass - from green to brown. Where you finally can't wring your shirt out after an hour of working outside. And most importantly, where the year-round-outdoor-training-center truly becomes year round again.

Things are looking up for the family d' Bigun. The installation biz is looking good. Of course, going from zero to anything is good at this point, so really, time will tell. Only one more month of weekly grass cuts for my lawn customers - then the nice 6-month break of every-other-week cuts. Time to do other things. Like train.

And train, we must. The interesting thing about a mega-relay like Border to Border is the added pressure of not letting your teammates down. An Ironman, generally, is all on you. DNF, and you've only got your own pride to deal with. Fail to pull your weight in a relay - even amongst friends (or especially amongst friends?) and the consequences are far more guilt ridden. I like the carrot this race provides me - it may force me to train even harder than I did for IM CdA. This is really gonna be a cool race.

The big question for the back half of the '09 Tri Season is, "which Ironman"? Ironman Arizona seems to have fallen flat - lackluster blogger/friend interest in this race has taken it off the radar. Ironman Florida is now a consideration. Cheap accommodations, no plane fare, cool temps, flat and fast, IMFL has it appeal. It's still an hour and a half in salt water, however, and the entry fee is sure to be in the $600 range. Gulp.

Beach to Battleship is gaining some steam in this community - all predicated by positive race reports from this race coming up on Nov 1st. Interesting point-to-point down-current swim, flat bike on newly paved roads, and a flat run, taking place in an area with affordable hotels to which we can drive to. It's close to my NC-based family. Oh, and did I mention that last year's entry fee was $250! I'd be very interested to see how much LESS you get for that entry fee vs. an M-Dot race, if it's even less at all.

Ironman Cozumel has a foothold and continues to gain ground. I wouldn't be surprised if it's close to sold out already, since they are only allowing 1,500 athletes. And, it's $525. Now there are, allegedly, inexpensive packages heading that way - it is a tourist (trap) hot spot, after all. I'm not sure how much longer the window will be open to consider this race for '09, but it too, is out there. Not sure how I feel about having fish for Thanksgiving though (packet pickup is on Turkey Day...).

So there you have it. I'm pretty sure I'm not doing St. Anthony's Olympic this year - $150+ for a mega-crowded race that I have yet to eat at or do well in - and having to wait in the sun for an hour in line to get into transition - well, I used to love this race, now, not so much. Smaller and cheaper is the way I think I'm going now...and different. I enjoy multisport - and I enjoy a new and interesting challenge from time to time. The whole endurance canoe/kayak sport is intriguing to me, and it's something I think Di might enjoy as well, at some participatory level. Ultra running or biking may catch me napping and grab hold of me before I come to my senses. Who knows?

In the mean time, I gotta figure out a way to pay for all...all THIS! These "hard" times will turn, I'm sure, and priorities will change again. Change like the seasons.


Jenny Davidson said...

Very nice post. I like this line of thought - the canoe/kayak element really does mix things up in an interesting way, eh?!?

triguyjt said...

smaller and cheaper is tougher and tougher to find....but as you know ....they are out there.....

richvans said...

2 things. 1. This winter when you're contemplating giving Tac and his fellow Minnesotans grief about their cold weather I'd like you to refer to your July and August posts - although ice poses a problem on the bike I can dress to run in just about any cold weather. How do you dress for 105 degrees? 2. More importantly, I've got a buddy that did MNB2B on a 2 person team. He'd probably be happy to talk to you or Tac (he's in Minnesota) about the race. I think they bought a fancy 1 person race canoe and it made a huge difference. Anyhow, let me know and I can email you his contact info. Good luck - I can't wait to hear about your training and the race.

bigmike600 said...

Dude there's always porn if the install thing fails. :)

Good Luck on figuring out which event. We know someone doing the beach to battleship and I will let you know what she thinks

Yeti said...

Pick out an ultra. I'm meet ya there.

21stCenturyMom said...

I worked Vineman and supported the DreadPirateRackham up there and I thing the major difference is crowd support. The race support was fine - plenty of aid stations, special needs was taken care of, plenty of porta-potties. You get a medal and a t-shirt but I don't remember about the hat. There are pictures. There are people there just not quite the crowds the M-Dot people draw. I think the medical support was less but it was adequate. It was all a little less fancy (special needs = give a bag to a guy with a truck as you take your bike to T1 on race morning and leave a bag in T2 the night before) but you had stuff. All in all I think the bang for the bug is HEEYOOOG because your needs are met but it costs 1/2 a much. My guess is that other non-MDot races are about the same.

21stCenturyMom said...

make that "think" not "thing" and "buck" not "bug" But you knew that.

Di said...

you guys do know it's cold in NC in November right....????

SingletrackJenny (formerly known as IronJenny) said...

Dude - I bit the bullet on Cozumel 09 and put it on a CREDIT card (I usually only ONLY use Debit card.) I'm number 1199 - so think about it and think quickly.

In the questionnaire they asked why you want to do IM COZ.... I just typed "peer pressure". Didn't actually name names, but I could have.

So far I have B-to-B and IM COZ on my calendar. What's it gonna be for you?

xoxoxo to you and Di.

p.s. - Congrats on the new biz! Keep it up!

Mike said...

What about setting up your own race close to home with no entry fees/flights/hotels ... seems like there's quite a few of you close enough to get a decent field. Self supported Ironman maybe? I love the idea.

Good luck with choosing your race and keep up the good work on the podcast.

Unknown said...

I'll just tell ya, it really gripes my ass to pay $500+ for a race. I mean it REALLY gripes my ass. I know they have lots of things to pay for and insurance and all that, but good grief, most of the employees that day are freakin' volunteers! Even the county fair here pays their workers. I'm all about going smaller and cheaper. I don't like feeling like somebody just stuck it to me...and while I am glad I'm doing IMFL and all, when I saw that $500 leave my bank account, my ass got really sore. The same way it gets sore every time I go get my hair done. That one may have to be reconsidered too. Is blond really worth $135 every 6 weeks. I just now thought about it, but that's way more expensive than 1 ironman per year. Maybe. I may do a cost analysis on them sometime and see which one actually costs more.

Podium quest said...

The relay sounds fun. Good luck. I hear ya, how the heck do we pay for all this
Multisport stuff.

Supalinds said...

Yea set up your own race and I'll join you!!

Tea said...

I've barely been able to handle the 70's. Thank goodness we have snow coming in for the weekend!

Mental note: mark Florida off the "places I'd like to retire" list.

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

I've actually heard some pretty negative things about Cozumel. How it's not as nice as they make it out to be, etc. Plus, there's all those state department warnings. Plus, Cozumel won't have US. Come to NC., you know you want to...

Anonymous said...