Sunday, January 04, 2009

MN B2B is shaping up!

Holy Moley!  The Minnesota Border to Border, or MNB2B, is turning out to be quite the hotspot in the world of Blog-land.  Ok, it's got a few folks coming at least.  The teams are far from confirmed, but organization of the teams is developing.  Tentatively (and please please please read that last word - TENTATIVELY) it looks a bit like this so far:

Girls Team:

Momo (who is still unconfirmed)

Boys Team:

Bigun (that'd be me)

Minnesota Mixed:


So there you have it.  3 teams so far with open spots on each one of them.  I'm sure there will be others wanting "in", and some who may have life get in the way.  It happens.  Some concern of logistics and transportation was mentioned...I'm sure that we'll be able to keep the "Team Vans" or RV grouped - I mean, how far apart will the teams get?  Plus, we'll be staying in the same hotel as each other each night - so the festivities will be very much a group thing.  

I don't know.  TriSherpaDi will undoubtedly be Super Sherpa-ing one team.  Perhaps with help from none-other-than Commodore.  Big J will undoubtedly cater the girls team.  Not sure who will Sherpa the Minnesota crew.  Obviously the names of these teams will need to be determined - they need to make a statement.  They need to be Bold!

Speaking of Bold, wouldn't it be a coup if perhaps the legend.....ary Bolder came out of retirement and joined a team?  I really hope we get enough interest to put more teams together.  Keep in mind, the teams can be 2, 3 or 4 man teams.  Just how big a stud or studette are you?


Kate said...

I'm so intrigued!! This sounds like so much fun. Well except that Blink is gonna be there. JUST KIDDING. Love that guy. :)

Comm's said...

it would be a blast to be there. Just have to figure out life with a baby girl first

Lucinda said...

I miss Bold.

Get out I tell you, out!


momo said...

ok, i looked at the schedule. somebody has to explain how this thing works cause that seems like a flipping long way and i CANNOT canoe. i don't even think there's any place to practice here.

S. Baboo said...

wow, looks like the team planning is coming along nicely. The who van planning can be tough, we had experience with that at the Colorado Relay and that was just 24 hours. Is this think straight through or broken up by days?

greyhound said...

oooooooohhhhhh, to get Bold back in the game. That would be LEGEND ----

wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second word is


Anonymous said...

If you guys were real men you'd go with just 3 on your team.....I stopped by you blog to look at your race calendar....just so you don't show up 2 months late at Baldwin Park it is 28 jun not 28 Aug.

You still planning on doing Tour De Orlando?

TRI-ROB said...

I'd LOVE to see the Bigun in the back of the boat! Can you pop a wheelie in a canoe?


Anonymous said...

whatever happened to Blink's blog? i liked reading it.