Sunday, January 08, 2012

A year gone by!

Holy crap!  A whole year since I've posted... Facebook sure has killed my blog, at least.

Major happenings in 2011... lets see...
  • I got promoted at work - kind of a big deal.  
  • got back on the training wagon - did some runs, did some tri's, lost some weight...
  • I'm now a multiple Ironman finisher... IMAZ is in the books.
  • Did a "clean" cycle - almost like a cleanse, but without the supplements.  I liked it.
So here we are in 2012.  I've already signed up for a new, different endurance event - Iron Horse Ultra.  I'm pretty sure at some point I said I'd NEVER do another stand-alone marathon, let alone attempt a 62 mile run - but as they say, "never say never".  I'm pretty fed up with one horrible Ironman run after another, so I'm taking 2012 and concentrating on my running abilities.  Sure, I'm signed up for a couple of half IM's already - Gator and Florida Challenge - but I'm also mixing in some running events to spice it up.
  • Iron Horse 62m Ultra - Feb
  • Gasparilla Michelob Ultra Challenge (15k/5k on Sat, 13.1/8k on Sunday) - March
  • Gator Half IM - March
  • Sunrise to Sunset cross-Florida 180 mile Relay - March (hard time fielding a team of 4... but getting close)
  • Florida Challenge Half IM- April
  • Gulf Coast Half IM - May (might have a work conflict...)
  • Wickam Park Ultra - May 
  • Mad Beach Sprint Tri - Jun
  • Morton Plant Meese Sprint Tri - July
  • IM Louisville - August (not signed up yet... still saving, still debating)
  • Hinson Lake 24h Ultra - Sep
So it's a diverse year; I may get bit by the Ultra bug, I might hate it.  I've got a 50K (32mile) training run in 2 weeks, that will be my first official unofficial Ultra - I'm just running it on my own around the house.  As they say in Ultra world, a Fat Ass 50K.  Hopefully I'll learn a bit that day - I'm pretty clueless as to what to expect, and I'm sure at the Iron Horse (don't you just love that name?) I'll be trying to simply follow the masses.  Start out slow and taper off.

They say that Ultra people are the friendliest athletes out there - other than my Tri friends that also do Ultras, I've only met one other guy - the RD for Hinson Lake 24HR Ultra - Tom Gabell and his wife Donna who went to school with Tri-Sherpa Di.  What a great couple, and everything I read in blogs about his race makes me want to go there and do it all the more.

So, a different sort of year this year - we'll see how it goes.  Perhaps I'll have a different flavor to my blog - an ultra flavor - lamenting on my many mistakes as I figure out how to run further than I've ever gone before.  Do you hear the theme to Star Trek now, or is it just me?


Brent Buckner said...

Yeah, promotion's a big deal!

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