Sunday, January 30, 2011


January was a pretty damn good month.  Start of the year.  Hit it hard.  Oh, yea!

Finally, work was good.  Had a great month.  One of my best since selling RV's.  Is the economy back on track?  Well, some folks think that the RV industry leads the country OUT of a recession, and I can tell you that it sure as heck lead us INTO the recession as well!  People are buying RV's again, that's all I know, and that's a good thing.

January was Run Month for the Bigun.  One day left, but overall I'm getting in 4 - 6 runs a week, and I peaked at 30 miles for the week.  I'll wind up with 87 miles for the month - for me, that's a pretty good month.  Especially since prior to that, I was getting in single-digit run weeks.  My run pace has dropped pretty dramatically in this time - on Dec 15th I did a 9 mile run at an 11:07 pace.  Last week I did an 8 mile run (not as my "long run", either) at a 10:00 pace.  So 5 weeks to drop 1:07 off my longer run pace is "a good month".

I've been participating in the Dev's 100 / 100 on Slowtwitch.  It's a goal of 100 runs in 100 days - I knew darn well I wouldn't run every day, and most of the folks in the competition don't either.  I'm shooting for 70 - that would be about 5 runs a week.  I think the added emphasis on running is doing me pretty good.  I've got 31 runs in 47 I'm just about on track.

The cold weather has my biking in the toilet.  I will, for the first time since I started biking, run further in a month than I biked.  I'm ok with that, actually.  Next week starts a 3-week training block that has some days off scheduled to help me bike at least 2x per week.  I'm still concentrating on running - Gasparilla Half Marathon is 4 weeks away - but I need to bike since 3 weeks later I've got a Half IM on the schedule.

I'll also start swimming again next week.  That will be fun... not.  It's a necessary evil, isn't it?

On top of all of that, we are moving next week.  So lots of lugging boxes and furniture to pile on top of SBR.  If it were easy, they'd call it "bowling" and not triathlon, right?

Oh yea, my weight.  That's just like a red-hot poker sticking in my eye, every time I step on the scale.  On a good note, this past week, my "off" recover week, my weight stayed pretty consistent, where normally I balloon up and gain back any weight lost the weeks prior.  I'm at 267 - down about 5 lbs from Jan 1.  I guess a pound a week isn't a bad thing.  My 250lb goal for the Gasparilla Half is fading... looks like 260 will be a bit more realistic for 28 days from now.  I'll run like the wind - albeit a wind loaded with leaves, trees and small cars - heads up!


Kevin said...

I feel you on the weight. For me it's like 2 pounds down, 1 pound up. As long as the trend continues in the downward direction all is good

Doreen said...

Hey Bigun!
I love your post!
Yeah the weight AG triathletes always seem to be struggling with that....good luck to you!
Can't wait to

Mike said...

Go bigun! Do it for us big guys!!!

Hope you don't mind me spamming your blog but if you have a few minutes could you check out our Run 4 Christchurch which is a virtual run in aid of the victims of Christchurch. Webpage is here

Freementia said...

You've inspired me and I'm down 10 pounds so far. Thanks Bigun.

Ayasha Kieth said...

Thanks for the information, you did a good biking trip and we are planning to have one for this weekends


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