Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ironweek 4

I think I trained all this time so that I'd be in shape enough for last week. Barely. Some highlights of the week:

203 miles of biking, Longest Ride: 102, Average Total Speed: 18.25, Avg HR: 134bpm.

Day after 103 mile ride, I did a sprint tri with a 15 mile bike, average speed: 22.64 mph. Nice....and the first time over 22 in a triathlon!

I'm happy with my biking. I'm taking my bike to the shop tomorrow to get a tuneup, and make this my last big bike week. The following week I have to ship the bike to Spokane, so this is the last chance I'll have to make sure everything works. I've noticed my bottom bracket not turning as round as I'd like - it seems to flair too much when I push with the right leg. So that's just one thing I'll be having them check (replace with new bearings...).

26.11 miles of running, averaging 10:46 pace and 144 bpm for the HR. I'm not as happy with my running, so this week, while my bike is in the shop, I'll spend some more time running, and getting at volume up over 30. I need a longer run too - but if it starts feeling squirley, I'll cease and desist.

The wheels totally fell off - my legs exploded after the bike on my sprint tri today. I actually WALKED some on a 5k - I.had.nothing.

I should have seen it coming. No breakfast. 5 hrs sleep the night before. No nutrition like Gatorade or Gel's before or on the course. I raced like a total newbie in that regard, and bonked - if that's what you want to call it - half a mile into the run.

8097 yards of swimming, with a long swim of 4k and, well, the pace is so slow as to just leave it all at that. I was very happy with my 4k swim, in that I lowered my 2.4 mile swim time to 1:41 - that's 11 min faster than my last 2.4 mile continuous swim.

Luke still whooped me in the water today on the sprint tri - good grief, I suck! Oh well....

So all that amounted to 18.78 hrs of training for the week. Phew. I'm beat. Done. Ready to call it a day! Three weeks left until the big show. One week of swimming and running. I'm very ready to be done with all this....

Of course we celebrated at the race (beer tent) and the Daiquiri Shack across the street after the race. $12 Margarita pitchers are just way too good a special to pass up.


Unknown said...

Sounds like you really earned those pitchers, Bigun!

Spokane Al said...

Another very solid week for you. You absolutely rock on the bike.

And with all those great numbers you tell us, "I'm very ready to be done with all this...." Tell us it ain't so - this is what we live for!

Mark said...

VERY strong bike dude! Nice AVG speed overall, also.

Definitely watch the feel of your running this close to the main event.

S. Baboo said...

Great mileage Bigun! I know the temptation is there but you should really back off the running big miles idea, there is nothing to be gained this close to the race. It's taper time!

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

Ah, the peak training bonk. Dude. I totally feel your pain.

triguyjt said...

those bikes numbers...speeed...very very good. hope the shop solves the little dilemma.

glad you got your money's worth at the daiquiri tent..

Mike said...

Solid week. Good bike speed! Looking forward to THE race report :)

Oly said...

Yoouuur an animal!

BTW how many beers did you have for me? Did I have a bunch?

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

Post race beer tent. CAN'T beat that!!! :-)

We're SO almost there!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome bike!

Supalinds said...

Wowzers, you are an animal on the bike.

Great week, if that doesn't boost your confidence a bit ain't nothing will. Rock solid!!

We are so close!! We are about to lose our virginity :)

Tea said...

You are amazing....I am TOTALLY drafting you.

just kidding.

but not really.

Comm's said...

I think you missed the point of the sprint.

At this point in your IM training your probably going nuts with the LD and not 'feeling' it so much. A race at this point is to reconnect you with your passion for the sport not remind you that you've trained for 26 miles and not 3. That you did a 103 mile bike the day before.

There is victory in the madness. Please...if I can put anything on your heart today its this, your so close to this race. Don't compare or contrast anything with crossing the 140.6 mile mark. Its all that matters.