Friday, January 25, 2008

Sherpa Salute!

Folks, Episode 3 will feature the venerable Sherpa! That trusty support, untiring, unwavering, and ever-present at races around the globe. We'll be interviewing some dedicated Sherpas and speaking of the topic - we could use some input from you, our loyal fans!

Call the Tacboy 'n Bigun hot line - 813-990-0951 - and enlighten us with your comments about Sherpas, sherpa-ing and any other hawt Sherpas you may have seen out on the course. Wildflower stories are more than welcome.

Of course if you have other comments, say, you want to tell us how great we are, how much better looking we are compared to other podcasters, all means, please do!


Kim said...

sooo i had to google search what a sherpa is...ummm yeah. im blonde. and apparently an idiot.

TRI-ROB said...

HEY! I'm coming to Florida BigDUDE! Be there Sunday evening! I hear its like 70 degrees! HOLY CRAP! I AM gonna melt! Drive your Bigun butt down to Hollywood and let's go run!