Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tacboy 'n Bigun!

Episode 2 - Hallowed Hall is done and ready for your workout entertainment pleasure. If you are new to our Podcast - just click the logo to the right and it will take you the right spot in I-tunes (of course, you have to be an I-tunes user).


  • Poptart/Fig Newton Discussion
  • Trimama's on-the-scene reporting of PF Changs with Commadore
  • Hallowed Hall
  • Our Sponser's new Commercial
  • Tri-Dummy interview (part 1)
  • Adventures of Taconite Boy
  • Clydesdale Corral
  • Cda news
  • Outtakes!

Especially cool is that now the show is listed when you search Triathlon in the I-Tunes store. Technically for this podcast, I lowered the compression rate to 32 kps - cutting the file size in half, without noticeably changing the quality of the audio. Tacboy added our logo so that it is displayed on your I-Pod throughout the show, like album cover art. Also, I didn't use noise reduction so that annoying "click" from Episode One is gone.

Here is the link to download or listen if you don't have I-Tunes.


Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Cool that will be tonight's workout partner.

Supalinds said...

Oooh ooh can't wait. Though am I slow or do I just not see the icon to to the right. Let me look a little closer. This will be my morning workout tomorrow. Thanks, you rock.

Mike said...

great episode (again!) ... liked your advice for 'heavier' triathletes. I am biking and (going to be) swimming loads but keeping the run time down until nearer my race.

I thought tridummy gave you a bit of a hard time for basically agreeing with him over the bling. Good fun though.

Keep up the good work


Tri-Dummy said...

Sub 6:
Bigun wasn't agreeing with me. He was being his Non-Army personality and being Switzerland. Lame.

I think once the smoke cleared we all agreed...commit bling violations and you will be ridiculed!