Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Big race a'coming!

I've been very pre-occupied lately - my brain's had a hard time being creative and blog post-worthy. I've been leaving comment love - that's easy. But coming up with a good post - well, whatever.

What's been going on? Not a whole lot in the training world. I had a sort of recovery week last week after a hard effort at the Clermont Tri. I managed one good brick, which I wrote about, and a couple of crappy swims, a Sunday 25 mile bike ride, and that was it. My right shoulder has been feeling a little sore - its making some cracking noises as a rotate it, so I've been babying it in the pool.

I got my bike all ready for Sunday's race - mounted my tubular, put the wheel cover on, added my new 12-27 Ultegra cassette, pumped up the HED Jet 90 and donned my new LG aero helmet. Everything seems to work. Now all I need is a good taper.

My weight has been hovering between 240 and 242 now for a few weeks. I guess I'll be going into the race this year about 10 lbs lighter than last year. Not the 230 I was gunning for, but I also have to keep in mind that there's some added muscle mass there. Water temp for SA will be 73, maybe 74 degrees, so we'll be in wetsuits for sure.

Yea, I know - ho hum post. I'll put something together with race goals and predictions and some pictures of my race-ready bike in a bit. Wouldn't it be nice if during the taper for your "A" race the rest of your life could just be placed on hold - no stress, no changes, no family issues and no mysterious nagging new injuries or fungus's (like athletes foot...)?


Born To Endure said...

How do you like your Hed's..I just got my Hed 60's..going to drop off to get a cassette, tubes and tires...today!

Bolder said...

comment love is an art my friend.

and, you, are an artist, well, at least an enthusiastic participant ;)

you've done great in your training Bigun! look forward to you unleashing yourself on that course -- we'll be cheering for you!


Comm's said...

Hey man its harder for me to comment than write my own stuff. You're good at commenting which is awesome.

Whats a taper without doubt? Oh yeah...being lazy.

Your fine. Rest that shoulder up.

Tri-Dummy said...

Looking forward to the race story, Big Boy.

Tear it up.

TRI Vortex said...

Maybe you have an STD like Bolder.

Oly said...

Dude, I'm right there with ya. This week I feel like I'm riding the bipolar express. The goods be realy good but the bads be REALLY BADS.

Have a great race.