Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ride with the Jet

I posted about the infamous Jetpack ride on Thursday - the one that started with "Take it easy on me, Bigun" - you know the one. Anywho, I thought I'd show the world, in my horrible graphic style, the speed results of our 83 miles together. All of you Power-heads couldn't give a hoot about MPH (or kph, for you Canooks), but I'm still training in the dark ages. The Jetmeister came in at 3m and left right at 80; here's the results: Except for the end there where I held up a bit while he got some water (the dude drinks some fluids, let me tell you!), we kept a really consistent pace. I did some hammering in the rollers, but all in all it was a great ride. Looking forward to doing it all over again on Tuesday, maybe. I say maybe because I've been working on a business idea that might keep me working all day Tuesday, and I may have to try and find 5 hrs in the late afternoon, early

People get sick of reading about other people's training, but I'm pretty pleased with myself, so read on if you feel like reading some Bigun bragging. I finally downloaded Thursday's 40k TT from my Garmin tonight, and for the first 12.4 miles I was at 34:50, or about 21.5mph - for the second 12.4 miles I went 32:45 for an average of 23 mph. I like that I could keep 23 average for 12.4m - the second 12.4m... next time I'll try and do a warm up lap first, but that won't be for a while probably.

I even swam a full 3,050 yards today after work - 1 hr of swimming, 7 min of breaks on sets of 500 yds. Of course there was that girl there - you know the one - making me look like I was standing still there in the deep end. There's always someone in the pool that makes it look effortless. Until she showed up, compared to folks in the other lanes, that person was me for a while. Fame and glory sure is fleeting...

I can wish in one hand and crap in the other, and see which one fills up first - but I sure do wish this calf wasn't hurting me like it does. Not when I swim. Not when I bike. Only when my 240lbs of unsupported blubber runs on it. That Bradenton 101 race's 18.6 miles is going to be a long way without any long runs in the next 28 days.

The Kahuna has a call to arms for IMCdA'08 - a race already on my '08 tentative schedule, and my first ever M-dot Ironman attempt. I'm psyched - not only to race (well, really - to endure...), but hopefully to meet a bunch of you in the raceAthlete and Tri-Blogger Alliance Communities (plus anyone unaffiliated...) who may also be up for the event. We don't have that much time left to decide to commit for a race a year and 2 months away - this is a crazy sport! Iron Benny is going up there this year to race - good luck, sir! I hope his recent Ricky Bobby imitation doesn't effect his training.


White Salamander said...

LOL. I know exactly what mean about "the other person" in the pool. When I train during the week at the pool closest to work, I'm the King of the Pool, but when I train at the other pool on Saturdays I get absolutely humbled and get left in the wake of several faster swimmers.

Papa Tweet said...

If anything is going to disrupt my training, it will be this chest infection that I've had for 15 days. Yea, you read it right, 15 days. I'll give you a full IMCDA report, assuming it doesn't kill me. Later

Born To Endure said...

I love reading your training notes!! And IMCDA 08..yah, like I said..if triboomer is in..i'm in!! He's a cool cat!!! I did IMCDA in 06 and had fun!!

Bolder said...

i can't read your chart... when i click on it, it doesn't get bigger... this makes me feel cheated... i want chart compensation.

love the mph on the 40K TT... you are workin' it!

did you call me both a power-head and a canook in the same sentence???

Bigun said...

Bold and all - I've tried to get those charts to explode, saved them as .jpeg and .gif, but they start out as a bitmap or something like that from motionbased, and for some reason they are not working like pictures. And yes, I got in 2 jabs there pretty easily, Bold - too bad you missed Geek girl, she had instructions to treat you like a Nega-Coach and slap you in the head as form of a warm greeting.

S. Baboo said...

And so the plot thickens...I will be at IMCDA in 08.

(grinning, wringing my hands)

Tri-Dummy said...

Wonder how long it takes for CDA to sellout w/all these bloggers signin' up.

Shirts (1 for you- 1 for the missus) AND race belt are enroute to your location. I expect you to use that race belt, Shrek. I feel a "Donkey" reply comin'.

I was busy ruining people's lives last week and couldn't get 'em out. My apologies to Mrs. Bigun.

Comm's said...

Nah, post what you want. I am not even considering CdA until May and even then is not really likely one I will do.