Thursday, April 19, 2007


Have you ever had one of those workouts that takes you by surprise? One that you had no "good" expectations for before you started, but as you got going, everything clicked and you just cranked? Today's workout was like that for me - and it's a real confidence booster for the up-coming "A" race - St. Anthony's Olympic on April 29th.

Yesterday's workouts were a complete bust. I went to the Y for a swim after work, and like I promised, I did sighting drills. Since I breath bi-laterally, I did the first 500 yards where every right stroke I sighted, and then the next 500 yards I sighted on every left stroke. I really want to ingrain sighting and make it easy to do no matter which side I'm breathing on. Unfortunately, I pooped out at 1000 yds, and called it a night. Just ran out of energy.

Not to let the swim totally defeat me last night, I thought I'd go on a run. I got out about a mile, and the cramp that grabbed my left calf at Sunday's tri started to tighten up, so I immediately stopped, turned around and walked home. So...I wasn't very excited about a "quality" bike workout when I left the house this morning.

I didn't even bother eating breakfast. I have a bad habit of following along the Iron Pol line of nutrition/hydration philosophy - whatever I happen to think of before I head out the door is my plan for the day. It's not pretty, and certainly not recommended - today's brick started on a cup of coffee and two Endurolyte pills. In keeping with the "Peak" and increased intensity line of training, I thought I'd do a race rehearsal today at least for the bike and run, and do a 24 mile bike and 6 mile run.

In typical Bigun style, I started out slow on the bike and warmed up into race pacing. The first lap went pretty good, but I noticed a bit of sluggishness and remembered that I hadn't aired up the tires. So I paused at the truck (the low speed dip at 12 miles), put air in both tires and headed right back out for another lap. Much, much better. Lots of time in the 23's now. Finished up at 21.5mph average, and PE was very reasonable - I know that there's plenty in the tank still for the ride next Sunday.

I quickly changed into the running shoes and stated out, but had to turn around and drop the keys and the "fix-a-flat" still in the back pockets - they were making way too much noise back there! Things were clicking on the run. Right away I was running in the 9's and feeling pretty strong for just coming off the bike. I picked up the pace, just waiting for the cramp to hit or something to slap me in the head. Nothing ever did. On the way back I tried to keep my pace in the 8's for most of the way. I finished out the run feeling great at an 8:47 average pace. What an awesome confidence booster! If you look at the little stats spreadsheet I even negative split the 3 mile out and back by :45 per mile. For a while now I've been scared I wouldn't be able to break a 9 min pace after a hard bike, but after a good taper and the right eating and drinking I think I'll be OK.

Not much training volume this week - been very busy with my business start up. I did get my new tubies, so I'll be putting the bike together to be race ready on Sunday for a dress rehearsal bike ride. Doubt I'll have my new aero helmet by then though....


The Stretch Doc said...

sounds like its all coming together
Just like the A-Team!

ur gonna smoke it Bigun!


momo said...

hey, maybe it was the coffee and the enduralytes that kept that cramp at bay. remember that for race day! ;-)

great dress rehearsal though, it looks like you are definitely going to rock your race!

White Salamander said...

You are truly the king of data crunching and graphs. Great work.

Comm's said...

nice to see a Big'un have some fast times.

Bolder said...

charts and fast bike splits.


Joy | Love | Chaos said...

Smack it!

Great session! I love it when things just click on some random brick when you're not expecting much of anything. LOVE IT!

Iron Pol said...

Training is like that. Some days rock, some days sink like a rock. My goal is always to find a way to work through whatever issues I face. Sometimes, that means stopping that workout.

The key is to be able to work through things ON the course come race day. And you're training. That's the REAL key.

Di said...

is the aero helmet from Bike Nashbar?