Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rain, Rain go Away

Tomorrow's conditions call for an interesting day. Temperatures will be great, and setting up our gear will be nice and dry - right. Any deviation to this and we'll be setting up in a downpour. Crap! This is our season opener! Luke will probably go stag, which means with the weather, Di may bail as well. I couldn't blame her or anyone else for that matter. I just hope Sommer Sports doesn't cancel the race.

So, do I throw on the wheel cover tonight and ride with the Hed Jet 90 in the front tomorrow? It's going to be very windy, and a little hilly t'boot. I've ridden those wheels in the wind before and managed - it got a little dicey... I've got a few hours to watch the weather and think about it some more. We'll see...


S. Baboo said...

Ride the cover and Jets! Us Clydes can nail those things to the ground in a wind. I did a 40K TT on a disc and HED3 in 20mph winds with 40mph gusts.

On the other hand, how hilly, how heavy are covers? I don't ride my disc on hills.

Good luck and bring your aero pnocho!

Bolder said...

yah, what myles said.

you're actin' like i'm ridin' 'em.

65F/Sunny/No wind.

finally, a beautiful training day here in Boulder.

let your preparation meet your opportunity on race day.


LBTEPA said...

good luck and may the weather and the calf hold out :)

V-Sticks said...

Good luck,finish strong.

Taconite Boy said...

There..I just tamed the wind down with my gust stopping exhale....your fine.