Saturday, July 07, 2007

101 World Record Holder

Now I know why Accelerade and Inside Tri are so interested in my thoughts - I'm a World Record Holder. That's right, folks. The Bigun. Best in the World. Di can't even contain herself, now that she knows. The Excel Spreadsheet, compiled by the Bigun (Excel Man would be proud...) shows the results for Clydes, if you don't already know, the distances are:

Swim - 1.86 miles
Bike - 80.6 miles
Run - 18.6 miles

You'll possibly note an absence of the "Clydesdale 1" category - 185 - 199lb a Clydesdale does not make - I'm sorry, the line was drawn at 200lbs a while back - it's a good line...why mess with it?

For the Triathlon One-O-One series, over 40, 225+, Clydesdale - so far, I'm the only one who's completed one, ergo, the World Record Holder. No Halifax race, so no challengers there. Next chance is at Woodlands. Let's see, any challengers?

In the 40+ Clyde 3 Category (225+) we have a few:

Scott Woods, from Sugarland, TX is 40 (did a sprint this year...)
Richard Tramm, from Spring, TX is 42 (did a Half Mary at 3:24 in April)
Jay Branson, from Houston, TX is 51 (racing more this year with a few sprints)
Ralph Stanley, from Austin, TX is 51 (has done quite a few 70.3's, all around 6:30)and

In the 40+ Clyde 2 Category (under 225) we have a few as well:

Peter Foster, from Houston, TX is 49 (had done a 6:45 half IM)
Shawn McMahon, from Klamath, CA is 46 (has done a 7:00 Half IM and 2:10 half mary)
William Pruett, from Ft. Worth, Tx is 41
JIm Pike, from The Woodlands, TX is 40 (sprint tri's)
Mark Cathcart, from Austin, TX is 52 (races in FL - 6:30 Half IM)
Bill Tommaney, from Spring, TX is 42 (races ALOT and has a 5:42 half under his belt...)
Bryan Pilgrim, from Rio Rancho, NM is 42 (aka Sweet Baboo - races every day, constantly PRing)
Gerado Ordonez, from Kyle, TX is 42 (no races found)
Ralph Benson, from Ft. Worth, TX is 40 (races often, 6:16 last Half IM)

We still have 126 days until the race so I'm sure there will be more contenders. Now that there are 3 races that day, maybe some of these guys are signed up for the shorter distances. To be honest, I'd really like to compete with the "skinny" Clydes, and when I get my weight down to around 230lbs, I should be more in the mix.

Speaking of skinny Clydes, you may have noticed a familiar name in the list above - Pilgrim, or Myles aka Sweet Baboo from Clydeologist fame. Now I know he'll be gunning for the Bigun, and I him, but really, shouldn't he be more worried about holding the 101 Skinny Old Clydesdale World Record than about beating a guy that outweighs him by a good 25 - 30 lbs?


He shouldn't be more worried about the record...he should be worried about me. The Bigun. In 18 weeks we go "Round One" in the Old Fat Clyde vs Old Skinny Clyde smakdown (Round Two is Coeur d'Alene, unless we meet before then, like say, oh...IMFL70.3'08). It's going to be ugly.


The Stretch Doc said...

ok, so why you gotta pick out all da TX boys.. watch out. you think there gonna let a yankee come in here and take da division! ..hummm..


S. Baboo said...

Oh, OH! The gauntlet is SO thrown!

bigmike600 said...

All I can hear is the funny whistling theme you hear in old western movies when two guys are about to throw down. oohee oohee ooh.... wah wah wah. Gonna be a gunfight!! Sounds like you are all in for some good fun that weekend. Congrats on the world record too by the way!

Di said...
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Di said...

I can hear the theme music from
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you chose my HIM FL Result, I had a very bad day on the run... I won the complete Clydesdale both and under 40 when I raced at Clearwater in 9/06.

Seems like we have the germ of a decent challenge ;-) - Look forward to seeing you in Woodlands!

ps. I'm one of only a handful of 2x ITU World Championship Clydesdale competitors, and am really British I'm just living in Austin for now. So we can indeed make this a 101 "World Championship"!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my journal. Actually I'm just kidding, the Clearwater race was a sprint, by November I should have got my swim back on track, and I'll be aiming for a sub 4-hour bike; see my HIMFL bike time and I'm already in better shape than that.

HOWEVER, I always have a bad run, I have one leg 2-inches shorter than the other and a joint disease called CPPD which stops me running from a couple of weeks every 2-3 months. I'll be lucky if I get round sub 11-hours. I'm going to get a coach and hope that I can do the run at jog speed with no walking and that will make it a great race for me!

As for posting on your blog, I have a saved google ego search set-up, everytime google finds a web page with my name, reasonably uncommon but not unique even here in Texas, Google sends me an email!

Train hard!

Duane said...

This will be very interesting! I really think there needs to be some kind of tri equipment wager to spice it up!

Comm's said...

I've heard they come big in Texas

Anonymous said...

Yes, excel man is proud.

The ravine on the trail between the Flatwoods Loop and the Bruce B Downs parking lot is flodded. i used the foot bridge today.

Hey. Easy on the smack talk. Myles probably has your blog taped to his top tube for extra motivation.

Dances with Corgis said...

Okay first of all, AWESOME pics below.

Second of all, bigmike's comment is too funny... and now that song is in my head.

I also support Duane's idea that this be a wager of sorts!

Oly said...

The Woodlands will go down as a true spaghetti western w/ extra meatballs.

Dada dada daahhh... da da daahhh... dada dada da whaahh, whaahh, whaahh...

High noon fellas!

Bolder said...

i'm seriously considering bulking up, and taking you down at Woodlands...

my friends Ben & Jerry will discuss strategy with me post-Wisconsin.

you don't want to see this engine at 201lbs my friend...


p.s. i took myself from 145lbs to 168 in two weeks after Ironman Florida -- what's 34 more? just an extra week and a half?