Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mile Ocean Swim

For you guys and gals that think the ocean is better than a lake - you can have it! Check out these shots of Excel Man and me racing this Clearwater Beach Patrol Mile Swim this morning:

Seems like a nice morning

The buoys are out - a little wavy and breezy perhaps?

Of course there are old guys in speedos - what open water swim would be without them?

The Bigun

Excel Man with the sun coming up behind him. Scared, of course, with those big waves out there.

Still waiting on official times - but I can tell you - it was pretty rough out there. Not as rough as St. Anthony's was 2 years ago - when they were pulling people out of the water - but it was up and down and I got salt water up my nose. Man, that really sucks - you want to avoid that. I also got slapped in the face once, and elbowed in the right eye once - hard. She was a brute, but I didn't cry!


S. Baboo said...

So keep the ocean swims at bay?

Congrats on your near 10K blog visits. I had a counter on mine but lost it when i changed over to new blogger. June 07 was a banner month...and it looks like a good bike profile.

Anonymous said...

You bet I was SKEEEERED. That photo was taken after my warm up. A warm up that was intended to be 10 minutes but only lasted 8 minutes because it sucked soooo much.

I don't see who won the swim in your blog anywhere. Who won? What's the overall head-to-head won-loss record? Do I have to get my own blog to deliver the true facts (as opposed to bigun facts) to the blogosphere?

See you t'morrow :^)

Born To Endure said...

Looking good bigun!!!!!!!!

Green Eyed Lady (aka GEL) said...

Yep, bad day for a swim. EMan got home and prayed there'd be enough water for today's swim since he drank so much of it yesterday!

Enjoyed the carb fest last night. When I asked you how long you would continue racing and you told me you would die tri(ing), I nearly fell out of my chair! ;)

Green Eyed Lady (aka GEL) said...

Almost forgot, thanks for the pic of the guy in the speedo. Priceless...

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

The ocean SCARES ME! I've had 2 really really bad experiences.... I think I'm just not meant to swim in the ocean..

We'll see... Maybe someday I'll get over it!

Good job on pushing thru the race though!

Fe-lady said...

Old ladies like old guys in speedos!
And doesn't salt water up your nose just help clean out those sinuses???
Good job on just getting it done and living to tell about it!

Tea said...

Forget waves...the old men in speedos? That's enough to scare the toughest triathletes. I'm NEVER doing another OW swim again.

well, until the next one.

Congrats on the 10k!

Anonymous said...

This is an appropriate quote form years ago....

"A breath of water is like no breath at all."

- Anonymous Army SCUBA Dude

Pat said...

Hey, you got a great blog. Keep up the good work and congrats on reaching 10k.

I'll keep reading eventhough I'm not a triathlete.

I do have a question, you might want to blog about. You mentioned the other cyclist drafting you. When is that ok. I, always thought it was fine to do in a race. Just askin'.

Thanks, Pat