Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Africa Hot

Good freaking grief it was hot yesterday! At 8pm, after my workout, on the drive home it was 88 degrees. I get to the park and I can see that it had just rained - the steam is rolling off the wet, soon to be dry again blacktop. Riding through that is like 99% humidity. Forget glasses.

So I get setup, pump up the tires, fill up the water bottles for a 37 mile ride (three laps), and then - Crash - huge, monster Florida lightning. But, I came to ride, and lightning rarely hits a moving object on pavement, right? So off I go. 10 seconds later, pouring like an Amazon monsoon. But, hey, it feels good - right? One mile into the ride - snap - my right forearm pad bracket snaps off at the bolt! WTF? I pull in to a little water stop with some shelter, and the skys just open up. As if it weren't teaming before, now the lightning's gonna play "Apocalypse Now - Redux" with me. We're talking zero seconds from flash to bang, repeatedly, for 5 minutes. When the leading edge of that storm was by me, I took off my bike shoes, ran down the trail, grabbed the broken arm, and got back to the bike, all without getting struck by lightning. Somehow.

The 36 miles were pretty uneventful - but today my arms are a little sore for staying in the drop the whole time (yes, it was a base ride, and yes I kept my avg HR to 138, but it was tough in the heat). It rained, it would stop, then rain again, just before you finally dried out. At one point, the "bikers" came out. The Crews. The draft lines of 5 to 8 dudes and chicks that go and do 14 or 21 miles in a draft line - and I've rode up on these lines, they're only doing 21mph or so. They crack me up. Of course, Mr. Needs-a-can-of-shut-the-hell-up! was there, leading one of the groups. You know the guy - rides up on you while your peacefully enjoying your solitude and proceeds to speak for the next 20 miles. Next ride...same shit, different day - complete with the same stories!

A glutton for punishment, I just wasn't dehydrated and overheated enough, so I bricked 4 miles after - no rain, just a little shade. It was funny-miserable; when it sucks so bad you just have to laugh. I saw Excel Man while I was out there - so he wasn't sleeping on the couch like usual. The park has installed bike wash stations - there are some off-road trails here too - that cold water felt awesome after that run/death march.

Things to do today:

- get bike fixed before tomorrows time trial
- cut 4 lawns
- swim 2500 meters
- blow off run 'cause I'm freak'in exhausted. (ok, so I changed my t-do list - so shoot me!)

Time to get a move on!


Anonymous said...

No. Excel Man was not sleeping on the couch. Excel man was doing the 7 mi extended tempo run that he slept through yesterday while GEL rode her bike. However, Excel man did fall asleep after the run while lying down with his legs elevated. Narcolepsy?

Did you place that water moccasin on the trail in an attempt to make me lame before the TT tomorrow? If you did, I guess that's ok because I paid Jet Pack to weaken your elbow pad bracket.

See you tomorrow night at the TT. I’ll have a motivational message taped to my top tube. :^)

The Stretch Doc said...

geezz.. glad i am in taper!

and I only have 1 lawn..

but its just as freakn hot!


Anonymous said...

I'd recommend bumping your long run up to 16 miles so you feel fresh for the TT tomorrow.

Oly said...

"Bikers" must be the same everywhere.

Unknown said...

You are a machine.
You have quite a day planned..... I am glad its not my agenda!

Cindy Jo said...

My last long workout before IMLP was yesterday. After stopping every 10 min. to clean off my cycling glasses I just gave up. Of course now today it is 70 degrees!!!

Tea said...

does mowing the lawn count if you're using a riding mower?

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

Yet another reason I am so glad to not be in the southeast this time of year; I am nearsighted, and I remember vividly all the times I would step outside and be blinded when my glasses fogged up. Ew.

S. Baboo said...

Sounds like a bike ride of biblical proportions. So is this a dedicated bike path that you loop around or is it open streets with traffic because on the couple days per year I actually get caught in the rain I freak out about all the road grim that gets thrown up into my chain and cassette.

Don't go getting yourself sizzled!

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

I would have lost my mind with all the lightning. Rain is cool but not lightning. It is Africa hot here right now. What's with the 90F heat index at 5AM?

Tri-Dummy said...

Have you worked out the mowing lawn to bike miles ratio yet?

With all that cuttin' need to get some credit for that.

bigmike600 said...

I wish I had 1/2 the training motivation to go as long as you do Bigun. Good Luck tomorrow and J-Wim and I will be throwing some energy your way.

Green Eyed Lady (aka GEL) said...

I love those "bikers." We call them the pelaton. It's a riot to watch them draft behind a skater.

I was 1/4 mile from the car when the torrential downpour began. I lost both of my contacts and had to walk the rest of the way. I didn't see any lightning! ;)

21stCenturyMom said...

I hope we don't get shot for changing the plan 'cause you know... it happens. I'd be dead many times over if the 'change plan, get shot' rule were enforced.

Good job riding in spite of the wet stuff (not sure I subscribe to your view of lightening, though).