Saturday, December 27, 2008

09 Season Map

Well, it looks like I'm finally getting back into it. I'm looking at races and schedules and calendars and getting excited again. This wasn't the case a few weeks / months ago. I've started to put together 2009. It looks good so far. I'm not trying to think past the Minnesota Border to Border - although perhaps a half IM like the Florida Challenge would cap off the year nicely.

What's changed? I don't know. Maybe looking at myself in the mirror. I'm afraid to step on the scale. Yesterday I gave up sodas. Completely. No more sodas - it will probably cut my daily calorie intake by a minimum of 1000 calories. No kidding. I'm also done with fast food lunches. No more Mickie D's quarter pounders for lunch. No more fries. Goodness. I've been pumping myself with that crap for too long.

Goals? Well, that's a tough one. My "A" race this year is a relay, with a strange series of events and distances. I'll most likely be doing 4 x 24 mile bikes, 13 x 1 mile runs, and 25 miles in a tandem canoe. I'll tell ya, training for that will be different - very much a speed oriented training plan. I'd like to think I can work up to 21mph average on the bikes, and 8:30's for the runs. We'll see how much training I can actually get in!

So the plan is set. Not in stone, of course, but a working schedule is out there. Except for MnB2B - everything is local around Tampa and Orlando this year. We are trying to keep it very much on the cheap. There are so many cool races Nationally, I hope things change through '09 so that we can get out and do more across the country - and visit our great friends!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


WHAT?  Nooooo! It's sold out!  I was just going to.... crap!  Oh well, maybe next time.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Facebook killed the bloggie star...

Well, not just Facebook - I've just not a lot to say.  This blog has been mostly about Triathlon and training, and some humorous other stuff along the way.  Not a lot of funny stuff going on lately.  Even less triathlon or training!  At least for me.  Some of you are training like crazy and getting ready for first Ironmans and what-not.  That's completely awesome...I lurk on your blogs and love to read your latest adventures.  

This isn't a farewell post by any means.  Just an explanation as to wassup in the life of Bigun.  The blog life.  My writing motivation is just diminished.  Sorry folks.  I do spend a ton of time on Facebook, and for those of you making the Facebook rounds, well, we know.  Facebooking is 10 times easier than blogging.  At least when you have just a little bit to say.

In time I'll be back.  I enjoyed blogging at one point, and will again.  I'll be training again, and getting ready for some new race.  In the mean time - you guys and gals keep up the good training and racing - and blogging!