Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shots heard round the World

Bullet comments. First you think they are harmless. Trite. Succinct. Not so much. Interestingly enough, I got hood-winked (read...I'm a dumb-ass). Turns out that my work's IT department has a Google search going for any time the company's name is mentioned over the World Wide Web. NICE. In a prior post I had written that I wasn't entirely happy about going back to work with this former employer. If you can imagine, a large and distasteful amount of crow was eaten by the M-Dot Bigun before, during and now after reapplying, re interviewing and then reaffirming my reentry into the world of luxury sales. Oh yea. The CEO of the company read my comments, forwarded them to my manager, and a conversation ensued that was not easy to take part in. So a word to the wise: never mention your company in the same post that you mention a job hunt. For all I know, my CEO now reads my Blog. Voluntarily. Egads.

Did you happen to watch Obama's address the other night? Remember Elkhart, Indiana? RV production capitol of the world. The whole city unemployed. Looting and rioting in the streets. I couldn't have gotten back into selling RV's a moment too soon. I got my brand spanking new Name Badge this morning before going home with a fever, so I guess I'm officially "in" again. Nothing like a name badge to make you feel like you belong. Lovely.

So, do you think they will actually have a 2010 May Ironman in St. George, UTAH? I checked it out on Google Maps, and I could hardly find a body of water big enough to support a 2.4 mile swim. Perhaps at the reservoir north east of the city? It's just too bad it's so far away, way out there near Las Vegas, all the way across the country from where I WORK. You folks out west, like in Phoenix and in Salt Lake and Ogden, ya'll have fun with that one. I'm really, really jealous.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bullet Update

  • Working on Episode 18 of the Tacboy and Bigun Podcast. We got a coaching lab rat. We got Otterbox reviews. We start the new new year with some good 'ol fashioned jib-jab.
  • Still looking ahead to the Minnesota Border to Border. Every other race is crap-shoot as to my participation or not. Actually, so is MN B2B...
  • Which brings me to my next note: Still Job Hunting. If I land a job, particularly the one I want out in Las Vegas, then the race schedule will REALLY be up in the air. Who knows what kind of time I'll have off then, especially for a week-long race.
  • In the mean time, still working the Installation Biz. It's been reduced to part-time since that's about all the business I get from all my sources. Unbelievable, but then I hear of friends in other industries losing 75% of their business, and I guess it makes sense.
  • As a fail safe, I've started working at the RV place again. Selling RV's. 100% Commission. Not at all what I ever wanted to do again, but these are tough times.
  • Training is an afterthought at this point. Getting in about one hour of running a week. Can't really call that training. 4 weeks until the Gasparilla half-marathon.
  • Blink and Christie will be here (gosh, I'm sure I spelled her name wrong... crap...) for Gasparilla, as will my Mom and her husband Bob, and who knows, maybe even the Tac and Trimama. At least I've got the spare bedrooms ready! I'll be mostly concerned with jogging the half mary, and having a great weekend with friends and family. Gosh, maybe my Mom will beat me! I'd better get out there and run a bit more....
  • Still lurve the Facebook.