Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scared of a 'lil bike ride...

So Sunday is the Horrible Hundred. I don't think it got it's name by being a walk in the park. I've ridden on part of it in the past, and it's no joke. The area around Clairmont, FL has some decent hills, and they wind this course around to make sure you climb most of them. I took the day off work so that I could enjoy the day and not worry about making it back in. Get-her-done.

Gasparilla is right around the corner. Feb 28th. It marks the last running of the Marathon for that day - it seems the Mary has been decreasing in number of participants, while the Half-Mary, run the same day, is the preferred venue, and has seen growth. I'd like to say I'm running the full, but two things - getting the training in (which, so far, so good), and only having 4 weeks until a nice half-Iron-distance race down here in Sarasota - the Gator Half. Now some of you sprite, skinny runners may be able to recover from a marathon in a month, but me - Herr Bigun - I'm not built that way. So we'll see.

I'm also staying psyched for the '10 Minnesota Border to Border. I'm thinking of a 2 person relay with Blink - and of course it would be cool for other teams of friends to compete with and against - but that's still a little ways off for next year. Lots of "life" between now and then, and life sure is complicated these days!