Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Training Peaks

I just read Roman's new Post about using HR monitors and being super anal about keeping up with all that. Out of curiosity, I went to my retentive-satisfying training log and was curious, as I hadn't even looked for it before, if it keeps track of annual stats. It does. I was surprised by this year's training, only because I have never really paid any attention to it.

Swim: 130,848 yards
Bike: 2,507 miles
Run: 481.5 miles

My swim partner Luke said, "no way!" to the swim stat, but looking at it, it's only 73.5 miles, which in 10 months is probably lower than most of you out there. It's still neat to think about - I first started swim training last May, and now I'm thinking that 73 miles is probably a bit light for the year. Weird how your perspective changes over time.


S. Baboo said...

Looks like a nice 07 line-up.

I'm a stats junkie, sort of. These numbers are still all that seperate me from, well, being a much larger Clydesdale.

Mine for the 06 season so far:
Bike: 5,611.8 miles
Run: 628.7 miles
Swim: 190,443.45 meters

LoneStarCrank said...

Nice lineup coming in 07 for you... but I am impressed with your progress so far. Nice work!