Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day

Wow, it's finally here - my favorite eating day of the year! My lovely bride is in the kitchen mixing up some pies and stuffing to take over to our friend's house for dinner. Dinner can't come too soon, but we aren't going over until 4pm - what to do until then? Well, there's plenty to do, of course. I've already been to the store twice to pick up groceries and cleaning supplies. I knocked out a 6-miler base run first thing, and since then have been cleaning up around the house. It's amaizing how much stuff you can find that needs throwing out when you put some time into cleaning up! We both work crazy hours and with training are generally too beat when we come home to do anything more than cook and clean the kitchen. Of course that's everyone's story....

So this is a wish to everyone who reads my new blog - Happy Thanksgiving - and to all the folks on Team RaceAthlete - eat well and train hard and have a great Turkey Day - you deserve it!!!!

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