Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rain, Rain, go Away!

Got a whole lot of NUTHIN done today! Crud...just a constant rain, one shower after another. So the Bigun stayed home today. Cleaned up the garage. Changed a bike tire and tube. Paid some bills. Crap like that.

Wassup with TV these days? I watch this show called Cheaters - anyone see it? Crazy stuff. And the women were taking the men back, for crying out loud! What kind of message was that sending? Oh, and "Bang! Chicka Boom, Boom!" - Spike TV - good stuff. CSI re-runs are good for a rainy day.

We did get a break in the rain at about 5pm. Too late to make it out for my scheduled bike ride, so I ran instead. I've got to make up today's customer's yards tomorrow - so I'm seriously doubting I'll have time to bike tomorrow either. UG. Could be a good run week though.

Still have some elbow pain on the right when I swim. Starts to ache after 1500 meters, and then the hurting sets in at 2k. So that's when I stopped today. I tried something different for me today in the pool - 1000 m easing into a nice pace, then 1000m of 50m hard and 50m easy, sort of an "active" recovery. Made for an interesting swim.

The run was good too - still a little different for me - 4 miles at base HR - shooting for at or under 140 average HR, then shoot straight up to anaerobic and maintain the HR over 165 (my max is a guesstimate at 182...). It felt really good to stretch it out and run an average of 8:08 for a mile and three quarters. I saved the last quarter mile for a cool down.

The highlight of my day, however, was this really, really good sliced ham I bought at Costco - MAN! What a sandwich it made! Lunch was pretty awesome. Tomorrow's lunch will be good too. Isn't it nice to know ahead of time that a good meal is on the way?


Unknown said...

Ham and CSI - what a manly-man day you had! ;-)

bigmike600 said...

What does running like that accomplish? Is it like an interval only with a longer warm up and cool down? I'm going to start doing interval training myself. It seems to work good for you. Nice 1.75 mile pace. 8 minute miles. Probably caused a 2 on the richter scale down there:) I am getting a ton of good work out ideas and tips from you so keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude - What's up with the ham? Dave Scott doesn't eat ham! Dave Scott strains his cottage cheese! If you want to be "The Man" of clydesdales you can't eat pigs! No! Don't eat pigs! There's no eating pigs in triathlon!

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

It's all about the food in the peak of training :-)

Oly said...

Bang! Chicka Boom, Boom! Conjures up some thoughts!

W/ a ham sandwich...?

The Stretch Doc said...

that Ham maken me Hungry!

Bigun Nutrition 101!


S. Baboo said...

You get too much rain! Yesterday I did an OWS swim-run brick out at Cochiti Lake. Did the swim then headed out on the run at about a tenth of a mile from my turn around rain showers, hard. I thought "This feels nice, way different from the unrelenting heat and sun but then my shoes absorbed a ton of water and it just became a slog fest.

Elbow thing? Be careful. I have an old weightlifting injury in my left elbow, a tendon thing, and if I keep up my intensity it gets progressively worse until I have to stop for two or three weeks just to get the pain to go away. I stop any hard swimming as soon as it acts up.

Anonymous said...

What tool/watch/hrm do you use that generates those graphs? I likey...