Monday, March 03, 2008

Ironweek 17 (again)

Yes, you read that right. Today, Monday, there is just under 16 weeks left until CdA - 15 weeks and 6 days. So last week, then, had to be week 17, right? So, as usual, I've been messed up in my posts all along and must make a correction. A course correction perhaps.

My impression of me last week:

Gol-dang I'm sore!

Gosh I'm frigging hungry!

Holy-Moly, every thing's sore!

Hey Di, you gonna eat that?

I now blissfully enter a recovery week, one that I feel I desperately need. This week will put the Marathon completely behind me, and let me soak up these last two weeks of good training volume and intensity. Ahhhhh. Normally I go three weeks on, then take my recovery week, but before all these joint aches become pains and injuries, I'll listen to my body and relax a week.

Speaking of Marathon: Kudo's to Johnny Tri who finished his first Marathon with a 5:14 time! Hip-Hip....Hooray!

So...I got in 12.5 hrs of training last week, consisting of 145 miles of biking, 21.6 miles of running and a whopping 1760 yards of swimming. Yea, you read that right - 15 laps was all the pool time I could muster last week. I know! I need to fix that ASAP! The LONG BIKE was up to 83 miles with some hills thrown in the middle for good measure. Jetpack came out and met me for the last 10 or 12 miles of it which was way cool. He gave me a little grief for giving him guff in our Podcast, but that was to be expected.

Thanks for all the Clydesdale/Steeplechase jokes - you folks are the bomb! Di has graciously allowed me to forgo the day at the track (reality - our free tickets never materialized) and we signed up for the Florida Escape to Alcatraz. Please know, I have no intentions of somehow qualifying to go to San Fransisco, in fact, I registered in the Clydesdale Category, in which the "real" race does not even have - so I'm just going to have fun with Excel Man and Green-Eyed Lady and TriSherpaDi, put my speed cap on and see what I got.


Fe-lady said...

Use the race as a triple brick workout!
Solid numbers...except for swimming of course, but no-one has ever won an IM because they were first out of the water! :-)

Unknown said...

Great training week! Too bad your free tickets didn't pan out...but the race will be fun, too, of course!

momo said...

big j always lets me eat off his plate. he's nice that way. otherwise i might gnaw my arm off... :-)

Supalinds said...

"Honey are you going to eat that", is the most used sentance in my life right now. Poor Sherpas :)

Great I was going off your week countdown...learned my lesson there.

Awesome week, enjoy the recovery!!

Anonymous said...

Where's the Tom Ziebart rant? I'm demanding a Tom Ziebart rant!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Listen to your body? You can't listen to your body. My body says lay on the couch eat jelly donuts, pizza, and chips and drink beer - and sleep 15 hours a day. You can't listen to your body! Tell it to shut up and swim, bike, and run.

The Stretch Doc said...

you know you eat everything anyways so don't act like it's new..

sweet, signed up for the Escape race! U da MAN!!


SingletrackJenny (formerly known as IronJenny) said...

12.5 hours of training last week? Holy smokes!