Monday, July 20, 2009

Terrorists amongst us

Ok, this isn't a Tri-post. And, it's not a rant! Just a FYI to anyone still hanging on to my blog - my good friend of 25 years (Roger Carstens) actually has his own TV show! It's on network TV, no less - NBC - and it's on tonight - Monday. It's called "The Wanted" and it's about accused terrorist living safely in countries who don't care to prosecute them. I'm sure I butchered the description, but it promices to be exciting, factual and a bit controvercial, as these sort of programs tend to be.

I'm not sure of the political swing - here is a writeup from the media:

I'm excited, obviously, for my buddy, doing great things and being successful. Please watch the show if you're not out training tonight. And by all means, let me know what you think!

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greyhound said...

I think he needs a sidekick. A bigun.

Sersly, though. I am sure that there are tons of things in the way of background, prep, research, surveillance, etc. that the producers hire folks to get done off-camera that suit the "skills" from your former profession. Why not you?