Monday, September 17, 2007

Iron Week 40

Short update on the training front this morning, this Monday morning - in a word...mediocre. Work got in the way of any significant biking. My long run on Sunday was preempted by being a little hungover from the Jetpack's IM Wisconsin celebration Saturday night. Swimming was ok, really, nothing great.

This is the 3rd week in my current three week training cycle...somehow I need to make it a good one. I made some decisions last week: first, to run the Gasparilla Marathon instead of the half. Lets face it, I need to do it. Second, I purged my schedule of some ancillary races that I can just do on my own. Bike time trials, 10k races, and even Bike Across Florida - at $125 - don't help the Coeur d'Alene "fun fund".

On a good note, even hung over on Sunday my 6 mile run felt decent at a 10 min "easy" pace. I even stepped it up a notch for a mile and although that was my real signal that I wasn't doing 12 miles today, I felt fast without screaming my HR up to max (fast being around 8 min pace for me).

Ok! Enough of all that! Lets put a great week of training together this week! Spartans! (yea, I saw "300" last week...good movie!)


The Stretch Doc said...

"Give Nothing, and Take EVERYTHING!"

300 totally kicks azz!

stay with it Bigun or I'll just have to smoke you at CdA!! HA


Green Eyed Lady (aka GEL) said...

Oh, yeah, you definitely need to do the full Gasparilla - that way I can finish before you in the half! Although, I suppose you could still finish before me - now there's a goal! ;)

Oly said...

Full is on!

I see your volunteering for IMF, cool.

BTW don't forget Di's birthday and your anniversary, that's funny.

Supalinds said...

Plan looks solid!

Week was good.

Let's make this one even better!

momo said...

bigun, you are an animal - i haven't even started thinking about cda yet - i need to get on the ball to keep up with you all!

Cindy Jo said...

Keep it up - a little hangover never killed anyone, right? ;)

Unknown said...

Sweating out the toxins is good for you..... so long as you don't puke.
Your sleeping M Dot seems to be sinking ..... what happened?

bigmike600 said...

You can do the full marathon with ease. Just use it as a test to try out nutrition stuff and the ironman shuffle. Monitor how things work for you and take note. You got it rough having to work all day too. That has to take a lot out of a guy. I do not miss my days as a landscaping grunt where I pushed a wheel barrel and ran a rake all day.. No thank you.

Dances with Corgis said...

This post is blasphemy! This is post is madness!

Podium quest said...

Sounds like great ideas! Reavaluate and conqure!