Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Luke's Back

Hip Hip - Hurray! Our Tri-buddy Luke (left) is back from his hernia surgery - back to training that is! Luke met me for a ride this morning early and rode 25 miles at a nice, easy 18 mph pace. The great thing about Flatwoods is that with the loop, when he was done, he could stop, and I could just keep on trucking. Luke and his family have done just about every local Tri that the Bigun family has done, except recently he's been relegated to spectator duty. It's a relief to know that he's back in the saddle and looking forward to racing again.

Speaking of racing. Luke is actually talking of registering for the IMFL70.3 in Orlando, held on May 18th '07. Excel Man, a more recent addition to our Tri-racing network (and also good friends - he and Green Eyed Lady went to see the latest Bourne movie last night with Team Bigun, preceded with a stop at MOE'S for burritos...) is also signing up for the race. Now I've been waved off of this Half Ironman due to it's proximity to IMCdA, just 5 weeks later - but with Luke running in his first Half, well, who knows? They'll both need more cowbell - and I got's plenty o' dat!

I'm starting the week out strong with a 8 mile run and a 58 mile bike so far. Gotta get in the pool today sometime, and keep the ball rolling. Only a 3 week training cycle then a 2 week cycle before tapering for the Florida Challenge half, and they need to be big weeks. Excel Man (right) cracks me up...he's out running 19-mile runs and pulling off 120-mile bike rides and still clings to the notion that he's going to finish in 5:45. Nostrabigus has him coming in long before then - I'm figuring around 5:30 or so, but then again, I'm a pretty poor predictor of race times. He, of course, has spread-sheets and computer aided race time extrapolators that can take Oly times and Sprints and predict other distances. At some point in the race, I'll be providing him with a huge boost of motivation - whatever time it is when he blows by me (hopefully not until the run)!


bigmike600 said...

Glad your buddy is back to training. Injuries suck. Hope you have had a second to check out tri dummys latest.

Oly said...

Always nice to have our buds back and it looks like your off to a solid week.

Unknown said...

Yay Luke!

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Keep that week going Bigun, get in the pool.

The Stretch Doc said...

thats fl 70.3 sounds nice but too close is right..

good to have training peeps back in the mix.


bigmike600 said...

Does your buddy excel man know that he looks a lot like Lance Armstrong in that picture?

Tea said...

Good week so far! Now get your butt to the pool. Glad to see that Luke is back.

S. Baboo said...

So I wonder if there are race time extrapolators that can actually CAUSE you to make the times you are predicted to make. I'd love that one!

Green Eyed Lady (aka GEL) said...

Hmm...I've always been a big fan of Lance's and now I know why! ;)

Anonymous said...

I look like LA? Cool! Now if I could just find $140k / year to hire Dr. Ferrari (LA's doctor) maybe I could win 7 consecutive times at Kona!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude -

Check this out.

The 17-yr old girl "chicking" me in the photo is Kailand Cosgrove. She was the female winner at Mad beach that day.

Well today she's at the Tarpon Springs Tri. The run was an out and back 3 miler. When I was headed back, she was headed out throwing down 6:15 miles like it was easy. I picked up the pace so there would be no photo finish this time!

She was the top female again but she wasn't there to get her award because she was on her way to a swim meet!

Check out this post race cell phone conversation -

m-gel: I finally broke 1 hour. I finished in 59:55!

gel: Wow! It must have been a REALLY short one!

:^0 I guess someone has to pull the slack for Rodney Dangerfield.

Anonymous said...

wow...thanks for the shout out. It feels good to start working out again....even if it is awfully slow.

It is fitting that I am standing in front of the 15mph sign. Since it will probably 8 months till I race again, I should have some time to get back into it.