Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Escape from Alcatraz PSA

Family and friends have been asking, "what is the schedule for race day, and how can I know if you made it thought the swim ok?".

Well, the swim waves start at 7am Pacific time - so all you East coast folks can sleep in Sunday and log in to your computers around noon. The waves will be all done by 7:06am. The swim is approximately 1.5 miles, or about 2,640 yards. With about a 2 minute per 100yd pace, I should be done with said swim in 53 minutes. That will be highly dependent on conditions such as chop (wind), current, water temperature (which will be cold - given) - so figure at least an hour, although last year, few people finished over an hour.

After the swim, I have to do a 1-mile warm up run to the bike transition area. I'm sure, being all cold and such, I'll be about 10 minutes to get done with this little run. Shoot, it's going to be 52 degrees, according to the forecast for Sunday, with a high of only 67 - so its going to take more than a mile run to warm the Bigun up!

The bike is 18 miles of San Francisco hills - ug. For a Clydesdale, hills are deadly; it will be a slug fest. This is called "The Great Highway Ride" and will take over an hour. I'm not going to commit any further.

The final leg, the run, is 8 miles of hills, sandy beach, a long set of sand-covered stairs, and final run down to the finish line. This part is a crap shoot - it's any one's guess - lets just go with an hour and 30 minutes to give folks a number to go with.

Now, you can go to this site: Accenture Athlete Tracker and log in to see real time when I get done with different legs of this race. There's supposed to be a nifty 'net-cam at the finish line, so around 3:15 after I start, or around 10:15 am Pacific time, start watching for me, I'm planning on wearing my raceAthlete jersey. Wish me luck, and thanks for watching!


bigmike600 said...

Good Luck and put the hammer down. All us clydes are proud.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a blast, hve fun and good luck!

S. Baboo said...

OMG!, why did I think Alcatraz was a standard Oly?

Good luck with your race, I'll be doing the Duce Man 70.3 but will send you whatever energy I can spare for your sand run.

Anonymous said...

sounds like an awesome race. good luck!

Anonymous said...

You are going to rock it, afterward roll over to In-n-out burger across from fisherman's wharf. Get a 4x4 animal style with fries and a shake, you earned the best burger in the business. Ryan

Wrenched Photography said...

Our father in heaven,
coach be thy name,
thy start horn blow, thy race be done. In Alcatraz as it is in Kona.

Give us today our best PR
and penalize us for drafting,
as we penalize those who would draft against us.
lead us not into a DNF, but deliver us to our Finish Line

Oly said...

I'll be tracken ya like a bloodhound on a convict.

Anonymous said...

Moms is watching...looks like you high tailed it out of that cold, cold water. As always, you're makin me proud!

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

The Florida Challenge was my first half IM. Sub 6 hours would be a HUGE achievement. The bike is very challenging. Even people from Colorado bitch about the hills: short, steep, leg shredders. Of course, if you drive out there to train on the course, sub 6 is realistic. Good luck!