Thursday, May 24, 2007


I get so excited looking ahead and seeing all the cool races on the horizon! I get caught up in the hype, in the challenge and in the "mode". The "Race Mode". The line of logic goes like this, "I've done all this training, now it's time to RACE!". Well, I think I've overdone it.

Five races in 8 weeks. What was I thinking? Well, I think I already wrote what I was thinking. Only one was a sprint. Those 8 weeks ends in about 10 days out in San Fransisco. I'm beat, and what's worse, I think I might be catching a cold.

I've already shipped my bike out to CA - which is a good thing - believe me! I'm fine with just swimming and running for the next 10 days. I hope none of you are expecting any earth-shattering race statistics from me from Escape - my race goal is to finish and have fun. Ug, that makes it sound like I'm not confident about finishing - so let me rephrase that - to race and have fun.

This is a mini-vacation for me and TriSherpaDi - that's Mrs. Bigun, but I think Roman might have coined a new name for her that doesn't include the word 'big' - and as far as vacations go, it's not really a "mini". We rarely do "just the two of us" - so three pre-race days in San Fransisco are days to really look forward to.

So take a tip from me - next time you feel the need to race your guts out and pack a ton of races into as little time as possible - rethink it, and then don't. The bad thing is that I look back at all of the races done so far this year and ask myself which one I would have cut - and I can't pick one. I've enjoyed them all: Clermont, St. Anthony's, One-O-One, Mad Beach... just let me get through the next 10 days, and enjoy Escape from Alcatraz too, and then maybe I'll just sleep-in a day or too. Promise.


Wrenched Photography said...

More races = more caloric burning = more beer drinking. Season's still new, dont burn yourself out big buy!

Duane said...

I agree, more beer! Maybe we'll see you on the TV telecast! Hopefully just sprinting up those sand stairs!

Oly said...

If I had so many race options on my front door step, I would be tempted too.

Alcatraz is yours!

Have fun w/ Mrs Bigun, and then report.

I mean report about the race not about the fun you have w/ Mrs. Bigun....OH! know what I mean.


momo said...

ah, bigun, been there done that. you're having a little burnout. maybe take the next ten days to truly taper for alcatraz and then go there and ENJOY every minute of that race. definitely do have fun!! not every race will include a pr, some are just for the experience, i'd say alcatraz is one of those.

i want a full race report, though, if you're up to it, because one day i'm gonna do that race!

feel better and REST!

Comm's said...

you will have a blast out there. My training partner Jeff is participating and another, mike, is going to support him. Have fun.

Don't forget to take Di to the Ghiradelli chocolate factory one day.

Fe-lady said...

Have fun! And best of luck! I am SO jealous you get to do this race! My old neighbor who now lives in SF is on a team and is doing the swim...we go to SF the weekend following for the "Sharkfest"...can't wait to hear about your race!

Spokane Al said...

Alcatraz has been on my list for a long time - I envy you and will be looking forward to your post race post with all the details.

S. Baboo said...

Damn, why am I always the last one to hear about things like “don’t race too often” I’ve already done 8 races in 10 weeks and one was IMAZ…heck, I have a half next weekend.

…Hey…wait a minute…aren’t you that guy who just signed up for The Woodlands Texas Tri One O One Championship race?

Man, I almost fell for your "advice"…see you at the races!

tri-mama said...

With your conditioning you could probably do next to nothing between now and Alcatraz and still have a great race. Besides, I hear the water is freezing, wouldn't it be better to have a little extra insulation? At least that's what I tell myself prior to our New Year's jump through the ice. You two have fun in SF. and nice race at Mad.