Monday, February 04, 2008


I've been a bad blogger. I've been sick. Sorry. I've had this crud in my sinusus now for a week and I was hoping for a reprieve today, Monday, but such luck. Still not quite 95% - I got to doing some lawn work and got winded pretty quickly, so the prosopect of a swim or run is just not in the cards.

I'm a bit worried about the Marathon scheduled for this Sunday. I'm keeping in mind Iron Jenny's probable cause for her heart issues; ie, endourance event on the heels of, or actually during a sinus infection. Her head cold may have lead to a virus attacking her heart, and she's had issues ever since IM Switzerland becasue of it. I certaintly don't want to go down that road for a "C" race like this Marathon. If it ain't CdA, BTW, it ain't more than a "C".

So if it seems like I've been in hiding - not much comment love lately either, sorry to say - it's just temporary, due to the constant running of my nose, and not my legs.

As a teaser, Episode 3 of The Taconite Boy 'n Bigun Podcast is due to hit I-tunes soon....most likely tomorrow...entitled "The Sherpa Salute". Or "Metro-Sherpual" - but probably not the latter.

So this is a big week. Marathon decision. Mom coming on Friday - she's running the half marathon race the same day as the full for me. Still doing taxes. Still cutting lawns. Life goes on. Diana's really pretty sick too - as these things tend to be household affairs, so we may need to fumigate or quarantine the Bigun house!

Oh, and like a dumb-ass, I signed up for the 12 Hrs of Sebring scheduled for 6 days after the Marathon. 12 hrs on the bike. What was I thinking?


Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Hope you feel better! Marathons are miserable as they are, never mind being sick!

And I can't figure out why anyone would want to spend 12 hours in Sebring! That's our supply town for our field work on the Kissimmee River... Good times!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude - the marathon should only require about 3 weeks of recovery so you should be good to go the the 12 hours of Sebring...oh wait Sebring is only 1 week after the marathon. No worries. I'll be there with semi-fresh legs to provide verbal encouragement!

About podcast 2, pop tarts! how old are you guys? That's ok, I hear Dave Scott and Mark Allen ate them all of the time along with CAPT Crunch and Ding Dongs. :^)

Fe-lady said...

Hope you feel better soon!
Diane too!

Supalinds said...

I am sorry you are still not feeling well...what a bummer.

You will rock the marathon. Hopefully without causing any further problems, that sounds bad.

And the good news is it isn't CDA, so it's not a big deal, roll with it!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

I hope you are feeling better. I have been fighting some kind of bug myself. Good luck on Sunday.

Unknown said...

Snort saline. (Really. Saline nasal spray. It actually helps.)

S. Baboo said...

Hey, be sure and take care of youself, get a medical opinion or something because your health just ain't worth the risk.

Mike said...

same as wot he said (s.baboo) :)

Don't take too many risks

Scottie said...

Glad to see your back up blogging. Sorry to hear you are still under the weather. And good luck on your marathon this weekend. And dang dude 12 hours? What kind of miracle seat to you own? Because I want a half dozen of them!!

Anonymous said...


Everyone else sends well wishes for a speedy recovery and I give you sh*t about your diet and race planning.

It's almost enough to make me feel bad.

But not quite enough.

Nobody gets better in a warm and fuzzy environment.

Rock up Dude. You have 2 big races in 2 weeks. :^)

SingletrackJenny (formerly known as IronJenny) said...

Gosh a lot of folks have been sick - hugs to you and Di...
I will probably never know how I got that virus, so who knows if a head cold had anything to do with it. I'm just old and weak, remember? Oh - wait - that wasn't me... tee-hee.

TRI-ROB said...

Is that ALL the whining you're going to do? Geesh... I'm gonna take a page outta your book. Dude.. I say SCREW the marathon. There'll be others. Rest bro. Recover. Get right.