Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Post Marathon Excitement

Ok, ok...I was warned. All of you can say, "I told you so!" - go ahead. I deserve it. It's been 2 days now, and my resting HR is still over 90 bpm. Luckily it's raining today, again, and I've got no lawns to cut. So here I sit, blogging, worried that I won't get better quick enough to start training again any time soon. I certaintly feel better. If I had the heart for it, my legs could go out and do a jog or a bike ride right now... I can feel it.

The legs are still sore, but I had a good race for lower-extremity injuries - no blisters, no sprains, no phantom pains. Yea me.

So this weekend's 12 Hrs of Sebring is not going to happen. That's for sure. Nice donation to the Sebring fund. I feel bad about leaving Curt, aka Excel Man high and dry for the race - but I'm totally not healthy.

Anywho...on the brighter side, I submitted my video for the Evotri Team today. It's totally HORRIBLE! Ha! It's comical how crappy it is, especially compared to some of the other submitters that I parused. For example, there's a woman who's putting together a team of folks with diabetes to finish an Ironman. Nice. There's another woman who's lost a hundred and some odd pounds who put together a top-notch video production. Great stuff. Then there's The.Bigun:

I had to cut 11 minutes out of the video I made to parry it down to 3 minutes or less. I've only got Quicktime Pro - undoubtedly the most useless video editing software known to PC users. I had a version with music added...I did figure that out, but youtube would not accept it for some reason. I tried putting in text, but that just didn't work either. Oh well. But, really, sincerely, I think I'd be a great addition to the Team, granted, if I can ever train again.

PSA to all you Neanderthals out there (and you know who you are) - tomorrow is Valentines Day! 'Nuff said.

Does anyone else have NO SPELL CHECK on thier Blogger, like me? I'm possibly the world's worst speller, except for, perhaps, the dude who accused Wintzy of streatching the "trooth". What a maroon!

And hey, we need callers for our podcast - so we are starting up a new feature called the Hallowed Hall Library, and in the Library, we have the Hallowed Dictionary - in it, we will store new words and thier meanings as told to us by fellow triathletes. These should be words not normal in usual circles - they can be made-up words, but we have to have the specific meaning.

Also, not yet approved by the League of Triathletes Tri Councel, but an issue nontheless...our esteemed collegue and tri-partner Commadore has expanded the rules governing the wear of race Bling (brought to us initially by TriDummy in Episode One) to include times of intimacy with the opposite sex (or in some instances...well, lets not go there Kahuna). There are a miriad of issues surrounding this contravercial rule expansion - we want to hear your side! The Tacboy 'n Bigun hotline is 813-990-0951. Weigh in, people!


Unknown said...

Yeah, spell check is dead on my puter too. I so miss it - my keyboard is terminally dyslexic.

Supalinds said...

yeah, it is dead on mine as

You just ran a deserve some time off. Actually, you need some time off. But I hate when people say that, and it never makes you feel better. Just pretend I never said it.

SingletrackJenny (formerly known as IronJenny) said...

nice video. bland, but sincere. you'd get my vote if I were on the academy.

Tri-Dummy said...

So, how did Comm expand the rule?

Just curious.

I mentioned "Sexual Exploitation of Bling" in the episode, I believe Two, which covered any use of Bling for the purpose of soliciting sexual pleasures.

Sick and wrong. Sick. And. Wrong.

S. Baboo said...

Ah hah! I took the GG out for a Valentine dinner today!

Me thinks you are streeatchaing thu trooth about bengn thu wurst spealler, I am the wurst spealler!

Here's a wurd for you. Triathlangst. I coined it on May 13th 2006. It is actually a mental health diagnosis specific to triathletes. It basically refers to the disorder of freaking out over some minor ache or pain.

Bullet said...

Hey Bigun, the video is very cool. Very sincere and straight forward. Best of luck getting the nod. Same goes for the recovery.
Glad you mentioned that about the spell check, I thought I just couldn't figure it out.

TRI-ROB said...

Iz duh wirstist spiller en duh bluggerspeers.

Bigun... you already got my vote for EvoTri... although I must say... sponsorship has its drawbacks! Personally... I think you do enough to inspire all on your own... you don't need to become one of the hallowed weenies to motivate!

Breathe... and get healthy will ya! Or this skinny guy is gonna put the hurt on ya....

Green Eyed Lady (aka GEL) said...

Whose telephone number is that? I don't recognize it! LOL. We'll miss you this weekend. Feel better soon.

Bill said...

Whoo hoo. Goddess and I laugh at the Valentines Day hoopla.

Hope you recover soon.

Oh, and get Firefox. It'll do the spell check for you. ;)

Unknown said...

i can't help but notice that you not only put benny's header above mine, it's ALSO near the top.

there will be consequences for this.

T-Guy J said...

I noticed the same thing with spell check on blogger...what up wit dat!

Anyways, you guys were talking about having to drop a duece while out for a run on the last show and there is a technical term for that. "Terminal Poo Velocity" or TPV, is the maximum speed you can run when having to do a doo.

Oh the wonders of triathlons!


Oly said...

Yeah that video pretty much sucks. :)

Hope you make the team.

ShirleyPerly said...

Good decision bailing on the 12-hour Sebring. Get well soon and don't worry about the video. This is just one of 3 ways to get on the team and I too am humbled by the stories of some others who've entered.

Anonymous said...

This is an embarrassing letdown for you. You need to realize that just finishing something to say that you've participated, whether it be a marathon or any competition isn't enough at your stage of tri-competition. When is it time to get serious? Get off the computer, get your butt in gear, train/eat appropriately and be successful. Please.

Bigun said...

Ha! Anonymous strikes again! That's too funny. We need to do an interview with Anonymous - oh wait, am I hijacking my own thread to draw attention to my podcast?