Thursday, September 23, 2010

Having Fun Again

I'm really not doing anything special or different, but I am starting to feel better about training again.  Sure, I know I've got a long way to go just to get back to 2008 fitness levels, but there has been clear progress in these past couple of months, and that's encouraging.

Next on the board is another Olympic - the Longleaf Triathlon.  This looks to be an awesome race - perfectly flat bike and run, along with typically cooler weather, and a fairly uncrowded field should all prove to be awesome.  Plus, the swim doesn't really look to be, based on last year's times, a full 1500 meters.  Since I'm a horrible swimmer, that's a good thing.

I've broken out of a fairly strict "base" phase and have started putting in some intervals into my training.  It is pleasantly surprising to see the bike speed where it is now, and I'm sure the swim and run will start to come around too.  I've got this weekend and 2 more hard weeks of training to make some gains before Longleaf - even the weight has been coming off a little bit at a time (the good way).

We've got our reservations for a B&B down in the Keys for early December - and I've registered for the first ever Key West Triathlon.  Not only do we really need a vacation... this is my defacto A-race for 2010 (because it's the last one) and I think it's really gonna be cool.  It already has about 200 people signed up for it - it's shaping up nicely!


Spokane Al said...

A tri in Key West! I cannot imagine how life can get any better than that.

Congratulations on your progress with your fitness - the rest in your age group know that they are on borrowed time.

Unknown said...

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