Thursday, September 30, 2010

Progress Report

So we know I'm having fun again.  I'm not sure if today's workout was fun, well, parts of it is.  I keep hearing young Ricky Bobby saying over and over, "I wanna go fast, I wanna go fast".

Today we went fast for 1 mile intervals.  It's fun to hit 24mph, even if only for 3/4 a mile.  2 hours worth of intervals.  Nice.
 But I gotta tell ya, this workout smoked me.  Something about all-out efforts times 10 - I used to do these, and I used to be pretty fast on the bike.  So hopefully this will bring about the old Bigun.

Heart Rate over 10 intervals
Of course, the old Bigun is still hiding inside the current Bigun.  I was 276lbs yesterday - 5 lbs over my target weight for this week.  I'm pretty sure that 5 lbs on me is well within acceptable survey error... +/- 2% on any pundit poll certainly never made or broke a candidate - so I shouldn't be too worried yet.  If I can keep the progress within 2%, I'm technically only 2 weeks or so away from my goal weight.  Look on the bright-side, right?  So I'm down 12.5 lbs since I started keeping the record 72 days ago.  All this fat was 2 years putting on, and it's got a firm hold on me now. Imagine how hard it will be to drop once I hit my old IMCdA weight of 2 years ago!

Probably not going to race at Longleaf this year.  I have the day off work, but I'll probably just do a private Olympic with some buddies over at Flatwoods that day (with or without the swim).  No matter how you slice it, $105 clams for a triathlon after a bad sales month fails to make much sense.  Especially when I'm saving my pennies for IMAZ11.


momo said...

i like the idea of a do-it-yourself tri. it makes much more sense because imaz is WAITING for the bigun!!

Unknown said...

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