Monday, February 26, 2007

Highlight of my day (so far)

Not that it's been a bad day - it hasn't. I've been clicking on that Cycle Ops link for a week now, scrolling through the clothing section a few times a day, just waiting for that cool rA jersey to show up. After all, we all saw it on Stu's site - he casually threw it over his bars without even a mention in his blog - as if anyone cared so much about is Power numbers when the real topic should have been the glorious jersey! There hasn't been a more highly anticipated clothing item since the Victoria Secret Miracle-bra (yes, tempted to insert picture here...)

So my day is made, now that I've ordered my rA jersey. I even managed a lunch swim - a short one, but it's done. I'm usually pretty much a slouch on Mondays - so any calories burned today are bennies. Last week I did a really cool bike workout - cool because I made it up - even cooler because not only did I dream up this doozie, I actually completed it:

It was a 12.4 mile warm up at 20mph average, then 8 x 1mile intervals with a 2m spinning rest. I managed the first 4 intervals well over 23mph, closer to 24 actually, then the last 4 I was just hanging on, trying to stay over 22.5mph. Since I only had water to drink - too lazy to buy a bottle of gatoraide at 6am on the way to the ride - I pretty much bonked during the last 12.4m cool down. This workout was prompted by me being worried about all the even-paced base workouts done this year so far, and wondering if I had any speed left in these legs.

I also noticed that I went under 70 days before the 101 race - I missed the fan fair, the bugle horns and the cymbals - what I really need is a swift kick in the butt! This morning the Bigun's weight was down to 249 - after a hearty dinner the night before - and the cool thing was that last week, keeping track of my meals, I had a 6,030 calorie deficit. I hope that means I lost some weight last week. I'll try and match that this week - maybe better since I've got some good efforts planned, and get a foothold in the 240's again. Weight goal for end of March - get to 240 even.

For those of you who don't know the system well, Training Peaks has a neat tracking system for logging your meals and seeing what you are eating in regard to calories, carbs and fat. Your logged workouts automatically transfer into that section, so you can see the calories you spend vs the calories you take in. Finding the exact food items can be a little tricky, especially if you are not eating branded foods, but I'm thinking I've been picking stuff that's close to what I'm eating. I'm finding that I'm a horrible eater - I eat way too much fat. Knowing that there's a problem is the first step, right?


Bolder said...

i am reinstating your 'man card' for posting a kick ass workout with a CHART!

even, if the chart is small and unreadable...

well done!!

Bigun said...

sorry about the crappy chart...I don't know why it wouldn't "explode" when you click on it - still a blog-newb...