Monday, February 05, 2007


Ok, I deserve it. Somehow, I saw this Superbowl commercial, thought I heard "Timberlake" when I really heard "Federline" (I know, it even says KF when it opens...). I just watched and listened again - if you're not a fan, and wouldn't know either of them if you ran into them with your Avalanche (wishful thinking...), the bossman could have said "Timberlake" just as easily as what he did say, "Federline..." An easy honest mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.

Retribution has been demanded of me. For too long now I've been riding Bold on his taste in music, namely his obsession with JT. For the life of me, I can't understand why someone in our Age Group would groove to the beat of JT, even if said person was handicapped by, say...nationality or hairstyle. Different strokes for different folks - but still, a grievous error has occurred by me, and an act of retribution is necessary to bring the stars and planets back into alignment. So what could I do?

Something physical perhaps - some pushups or situps? No, too military. Give up something I love, like beer or pizza or pop-tarts? No, just too hard. How about a little self-depreciation? A picture of myself at my first multi-sport event, nearly 30lbs ago? Now there's a handsome fellow....thankfully there are no shots of me coming out of the water.

Something else, music related, perhaps? Ok - very few people know about this - you know the cell-phone commercial with the "Come and get your love" song as it's tag line? Well, until those commercials started to air, I always thought that song went, "garden guitar love" - yea, I'm a dork. I like ELO - yea, I'm a dork. Dr. Hook - I'm a fan. I've got issues, I'll admit it - just not too loudly.

Bold, I'm with you on one thing - massages. I've yet to ever get a massage. Not even the freebies after a race. Don't touch me - hey Ray, hey Sugar, Tell 'em who we are....(now there's a famous yet obscure reference...). I may come around to massages some day - I promice you, however, that I'm not going to rush out any time soon to buy a JT disc. Cameron Diaz, really? I know, old news - I'm such a dork.


Bolder said...

you are still into ELO and Dr. Hook?

ok, that admission is probably retribution enough, and certainly, um, explains a few things....................

retribution has been served.

i suppose.

woulda thought playing 'SexyBack' on your blog for the rest of the week woulda been closer:

at least at the end of the week, you'd be able to pick out JT vs K-fed...

who is WITH ME ON THIS!!!

Carrie said...

Bigun: I support you on not playing JT or KFed. I vote you "off-the-hook".

Laurie said...

I'm with Bold.

Tri-Dummy said...

Definately w/Bigun on this one. JT is on the same list w/Enrique Iglesias and Mark Anthony. Singing for CHIX!!!! No Bold, no support from me on you listening to chick music. One song maybe, everyone has one, but to be a full on supporter! No way, brother.

Putting that pic of you was a bold (lower case) move. You've come a long way, brother.