Friday, February 09, 2007

The Windy City

Just signed up for the Chicago Tri - so it's official. I've got a few folks who have committed to coming over to meet and race with me:

Lil Clyde - a sleeper - Lil Clyde's got legs, and a tattoo, so that makes him dangerous. If he shaves his head, and his legs, I don't think anyone in the 55-59AG can touch him (we'll overlook his real age for the time being). It will be his second tri - his first will be in May down here in Florida at the Mad Dog sprint tri. If eats a lot between now and then, and never goes to the john, he has a chance of being a real Clydesdale. Also, his wife can kick his ass.

Doctor Drew - when you're ready to crack like a walnut, Doctor Drew will be there to crack your back as well. A Chicago resident, the Doc will most likely be hosting a pre- and/or post-race dinner or breakfast or two. D.R. goes about 6'15" - so he's likely to be a Clydesdale competitor unless he goes bulimic over the spring. I don't think his wife can kick his ass, but if she were to get really angry, who knows?

The Romanator - need I say more? Big Roman will be chasing bumblebees and cranking out huge watts on his new black and red beast, laughing at how measly all these Olympic distances are compared to his daily Ironman routine. The Romanator is out to win it all - take no prisoners - last man standing - lets just say that when the fat lady is singing, Roman will be on his 3rd or 4th pint. His wife could mop the floor with him.

It's still a long way out, but Chicago is one of Mrs. Bigun's favorite cities, and I've never been there, so we are both really looking forward to it. Plus, I've never had the pleasure of meeting Roman - so that will be very cool as well. How 'bout some more for the party?


Duane said...

Isn't that the tri that has like 50 waves to start the swim? Huge! I think about 9,000 entrants. A guy that swims at the gym last year was in the 45th wave or something! Should be pretty cool!

The Stretch Doc said...

Congrads on your sign up!! go for it!!

maybe next year for me..


Tri-Dummy said...

You are hitting some big tri's this year...nice.

Di said...

I really like the jersey. Can I have one?