Monday, March 19, 2007

Ahhh, Easy does it

I've been looking forward to this week - an easy week. End of another training cycle. A long cycle - I added a week to make it four weeks on instead of my normal three. Called it a "Reach" week. Go ahead, you can use that one if you want, I won't mind. Turns out it wasn't much of the reach I had planned - life got in the way - but I did train sore all week. I would have liked to get one more swim (2500) and one more bike (50m) in...oh well.

I feel like I'm tapering for my Century this Sunday, my Buck (I love that!) - I've got no bikes planned (I've got no days off from work this week!) and really would like to stay off my feet as much as possible. These next 4 weeks are destined to be "Peak" weeks, starting with 100m on Sunday. I'm not sure if you can peak with a 4-week cycle, but that's my plan, and I'm sticking to it. I'll be upping the intensity - doing more intervals in my workouts and spending more time breathing hard. This is it - this is the season, after all!

Some big events coming up on the near horizon for Team Bigun. My "A" race - St. Anthony's - is just 4 training weeks and a taper week away. I really, really want to do well there. Well for me will be defined as 2:35 and a top 10 Clydesdale finish. The week after that will be a taper week for a "B" race - the One-O-One in Bradenton. While not entirely fair as an Iron-distance gauge...St. Anthony's will be a all out effort, and I'm sure there will be some residual fatigue left when I head out on that 3k will still give me an idea as to what will be required of me come IM day.

Three workout weeks (a nifty cycle) later, and off we go to San Fransisco to brave the 55 degree waters and Escape from Alcatraz - that's going to be awesome! I almost don't want to ruin that race with goals and just go over there and experience it. Enjoy the scenery and take it all in - the Golden Gate while swimming, the hills, the people, the Sand Stairs - all of it. I'm this close to biting the bullet and getting a camcorder to capture all of this. When we get back from Escape, the "first" '07 season is over - back into base I'll go and start my training for GFT...I mean, the Florida Challenge, yea, that's it.


Bolder said...

you're getting so close to your races! keep trainin'!

Born To Endure said...

Wow..i'm envious..St. Anthony's..i'm pretty sure that's the race my coach is doing as well..have a blast and don't be afraid to take some pics eh??

Duane said...

Those are three very cool races! Escape from Alcatraz - maybe we'll see you on TV!

S. Baboo said...

If your not a home video kind of guy you probably won't use one much. I bought one for a similar reason and have never used it. However, we did buy a new digital camera that we used a lot.

I can't wait to hear about your experience at the one o one...I'll be looking for some insights.

The Stretch Doc said...

Your kickn` it Bro..
Im with ya on the recovery week.
and will take that recliner for $100 Bob!

relax, recovery and kick it the next 4 weeks. Top 10 Clyds! Ur a Stud Bigun!!


Fe-lady said...

You are doing Alcatraz!? Wow- it's on my list someday. But I would loke to qualify for the Accenture's the big one that Michellie wins (won) every year.
My hubby and I swim from Alcatraz each year (Sharkfest or South End Rowing Club events)- Oh, yeah...that H20 takes your breath away, but it's the most awesome swim you will ever experience. (And really the water is closer to 60 degrees...but 55 and sharks make for a better story!) :-)

Fe-lady said...

it's supposed to say "love" and not "loke"- stupid keyboard...yeah, I will blame it on the keyboard...!

tri-mama said...

I've seen a couple of your comments and I've been meaning to stop by- glad I did. Just one question, why the heck aren't you coming to Wildflower!? Dang it, you crack me up. (I read back a ways) Well good luck on those other races you are doing-what a fun race season. I look forward to your report on the 101-I want to try the one up east.