Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Finally, Clarity!

I have a new goal, a new purpose in life. It came to me in a flash, like most visions, the result of a chain of events in-explicitly linked in a floury of seemingly unrelated yet perfectly interconnected occurrences. Perhaps inspired by late night blog perusal, or perhaps the result of a rapid fire Dinner-Done cooking spree, my vision is rife with purpose and a certain hope for the future. Fame and glory will forever accompany me wherever I go, should I accomplish this task - this one true calling I now face.

I will occupy TriMama's penalty box.

I can only hope this revered position is not solely reserved for Taconite Boy. That would be a let-down of immense proportions. I'm sure this will take advanced cunning, sharp whit, unyielding sarcasm and an elevated level of tom-foolery not uncommon in the realm of the Alliance or raceAthlete blog community. I realize this is an ambitious goal, but with steadfast determination I promise to cross whatever lines are necessary to succeed at what could be the most important and influential accomplishment of these past 43 years. Wish me luck, keep me in your prayers, and I apologize in advance for the collateral damage a task like this is certain to make.


Taconite Boy said...

It aint that hard...enjoy

Fe-lady said...

Can't wait to hear how you are going to get there!

Bolder said...

we all need goals!

Comm's said...

As the first person in tri-mama's penalty box I feel a since of pride.

Maybe we can convince her to have some kind of total days in penalty, like a hockey stat. Pretty sure I spent two weeks there.

Bigun said...

wow - 2 weeks! Comm always held a place of stature in my eyes, but now he's been raised to GOD status! Comm for President!!!!

Tri-Dummy said...

It may be more difficult than you think.

Treadmill farting JUST ABOUT got me thrown in Tri-mama's Penalty Box; however, I was vindicated by her readers.

My must do something worse than a treadmill fart.

Iron Pol said...

I don't think you have it in you.

*Hint* Tri-mama posted on the things that are likely to get you thrown in the penalty box. Sort of a "how-to" guide for the Penalty Box inclined.