Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Season's first Brick!

Well, you know the tri season's started when you tie up those sneaks after ripping the Velcro off your bike shoes. The dreaded Brick. Your friend, your Nemesis; there's surely a love-hate relationship with the Brick. Oh, and running in ultra-tight Cycle-Ops bibs is no fun - note to self on that one...

I'm calling this week a "REACH" week. In the spirit of finding that fine line between "over-reaching" and "over-training", I'm throwing in this 4th week and flirting with a higher training level. It's dangerous, I know. Over-training is difficult to bounce back from. So, I'm taking steps to avoid the syndrome.

First, I'm making sure I get enough sleep - at least 8 hrs every night. 10pm - 6am last night, for example. Recovery is key, and recovery takes place, mostly, when we are sleeping. I'd have gotten more, but American Idol was 2 hours last night...

Second, I'm eating right. I've started using the principles I'm learning in the Paleo Diet for Athletes (thanks Bold) - lots of protein from animal sources, plus fruits and veggies galore. This is a delicate balance for me, since I'm also trying to lose a bunch of weight. Surprisingly, eating this Paleo way, I'm still losing weight even though I'm stuffing my face with all the fruit and veggies and meat I can eat. I like that.

Third, I'm supplementing with Amino Vital. I bought the capsules this time, and I'm taking the recommended daily allowance - which also includes necessary vitamins and minerals that I'm probably missing. Gotta get those BCAAs - branch chain amino acids - to facilitate the protein in repairing the damaged muscle - recover, baby, recover.

I'm doing ok, so far - I'm not sick, I'm not persistently tired, and I'm not overly grumpy (no more than usual) - and I can definitely tell the difference in speed of recovery with the Amino Vital. With any luck and the right post- and pre-workout nutrition, my Over-Reach will end with a recovery week and and increase in fitness, and not the dreaded Over-Train. Run tonight, and a long bike tomorrow (with another short brick thrown in for good measure) and I may be changing my tune. By Sunday, I'll be looking forward to a rest week for sure!


Tri-Dummy said...

WHOA there, Bigun. Steady big guy. You need to let your glasses adjust after coming in from the sunlight. Give it a sec.


Now look.

My bike is NOT BABY BLUE!!!!

It's Royal Blue. I could call it King David, who ran to the battle lines.

I could call it Moses, as it will be carrying me to the Promised Land on Sept. 9th.

I'm putting you down for "King David"...good job, Bigun.

Now go eat a carrot, it's good for your eyes.

Bolder said...

good to hear you are doin' well with the paleo...

keep me posted!

Iron Pol said...

Oddly, I don't mind running in tri-shorts. Of course, mine aren't ultra tight Cycle Ops bibs, so that might be the key.

Sleep is good. Now, if I can just keep people from flooding my basement, I'll be able to do that.

The Stretch Doc said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Paleo diet for athletes, will have to check that one out..


chuck said...

Big, The Paleo book, that's by Joe Friel? right? maybe I should post this question to Bold, but do you have any info?