Tuesday, December 04, 2007

CdA Kit

I wrote this for the CdA blog, but wasn't sure how many folks get to that site regularly, so I republished it here....

Well, we gots 28 weeks until the incredible gathering of athletes and sherpas at IMCdA'08. Bloggers alone, we have at least 22 racers, and at least 13 Bloggy sherpas; add to that family and friends who are not Bloggers, and we got ourselves one heck of a TEAM (a hearty welcome to Taconite Boy, who just went from "supporter" to "racer")!

TriGreyhound came up with an idea - a CdA Blogger Kit - and thought we should solicit ideas and opinions from the group. Great Idea.

Q1: Should we put together a Kit (shirts, shorts, t-shirts or sweaters for supporters...)?

Q2: Should we go with the Tri-Geek Dreams logo or a special version of it, or come up with a new logo/slogan?

Q3: Can we get some ideas for alternate designs - does someone have the skills in the group, or should we solicit Mr. IronWil or AJ for help?

Q4: Any ideas on where to buy?

As this idea is in it's INFANCY, please please please input your ideas and comments!

For example, it may be cool to have the KIT back to folks early enough to allow for further customizing for the individual racer.

I'm excited by this idea. I feel an allegiance to the folks in this community and a bond that will only get stronger in the coming 28 weeks as only sweat, pain and tears can do. But I also know that folks can get pretty particular about what they race in....


Supalinds said...

I wrote a comment on the other blog, but thought I would echo it here. I think this is a great idea :) we would look good and create team unity. Because that is what we are in this sometimes lonely sport...a team :)

Tea said...

me too.

What if we do shirts for the sherpas to wear on race day. Then the racers get one as a souvenir? :)

I don't mind switching into a tech running shirt. But wouldn't it be harder to get customer bike babe jersey's?

Fe-lady said...

I just got some stuff from Cafe Press....you can design t-shirts, hats I think...mouse pads. My order (Christmas gifts) turned out great! Quality merchandise personalized.
How about something with "Iron-y" in it?

William Lobdell said...

i'm a little bias, but i'd vote to have mr. iron wil design something special to incorporate the tri-geek dreams/blogger alliance theme into uniform and t-shirts, not just for IMCdA but for any race so we can proudly fly the team flag. also, taconite boy has a good line on uniforms ...

Di said...
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Comm's said...

I think you guys lucked out going in 2008. As of now CdA is the first north American IM of 2009 and will sell out in seconds I think.

The Stretch Doc said...

I know TNT has orderd some great training gear and its from some great companies.. I'll look into it further..


Iron Eric said...

CDA Tri Bloggers
CDA 2008 Triathlon Blog Team (CTBT)
2008 CDA Tri Buddies
Blogging Ironman Buddies for CDA08

These are just a few. I would interesting in buying a kit or two. Sherpa shirts are a great idea too.

A shirt, mouse pad, socks are great ideas. I am starting to collect tons of hats.

CoachLiz said...


I have a great rep at Sugoi that I work with and they have top notch stuff.