Sunday, December 09, 2007

Iron Week 28

Paradigm shift. Well, not a shift...a remembrance. A while back, I thought hard about the things that make a big Clydesdale different from other triathletes. Then I got to reading about training for a marathon, and in a panic, forgot some of the things I believed in, and made pretend I was a skinny little runner. Ehem....I'm not - I'm a big, un-skinny triathlete. Training for an Ironman, not a marathon.

That being said, Hard The "F" Up, Bigun. Only 27 training weeks to go, and I know, now, that I've a long road to haul.

My long run this week was 16 miles. I ran all of the first 12, at an average of 10:50, then stopped for water and limped on in for the last 4 miles. Those 4 really, really hurt! I had forgotten how much a long run hurts.

I got in 3 weeks in a row over 30 miles and managed NOT to hurt myself, which is a good thing. My hamstrings were screaming at me on this last run, hence all the walking, but I'm sure that's a function of the long run.

I only biked 38 miles this week in one session. I've nailed my training route, it's got some decent rollers in it, and with 3 loops will be a great long ride, with over 2200 ft. of elevation gain. Just like the week before, in week 28 I was making sure my legs could handle the increase in run volume before I tacked on the bike mileage.

I had one good Swim session early in the week, but then tuckered out for session #2, and then bailed on #3. No excuse for not swimming - although I gotta say, I've had some persistent fatigue that I'm hoping to shake next week on my "easy" recovery week.

So now for the paradigm shift. You've got to realize that all this running is a big, albeit necessary step for the Bigun. I'm fine with slower paces and walking here and there, and even the lapse of training on the swim and bike - the goal is to get used to this much running (and then some...over 40 miles per week soon) without getting hurt. The marathon puts a short-term, run specific goal out there for me - quickly forcing me from my comfort zone of bike, bike, bike.

But Ironman is all about the bike. I needed to be reminded of that - thanks Bolder. It's time to get back to the bike. It's in addition to the running that I've gotten used to, but not so much long run as long bike. Will my marathon suffer? Sure...but I'm not training for a marathon, I'm training for an Ironman. So don't think me crazy for not doing that 18 or 20 miler in the next few weeks (I'll need to fix my training spreadsheet). I'll be turning the pedals.


Spokane Al said...

It looks like you have a solid plan.

If you are not already doing so, I would suggest you consider adding some hamstring stretches, and perhaps some hamstring strengthening exercises for preventive measures.

Using The Stick ( )regularly might also help as well.

Mike said...

I'm so looking forward to following your journey to Ironman.

Keep up the training and keep on blogging!

Bolder said...

your first Ironman is not that far away... half a year...

Charlie Mike.

Unknown said...

The bike is more fun anyhow.

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

My goodness your posts are making me feel like a slacker!!!

Podium quest said...

It's nice to have such supportive & focused bloggers to keep us on trac. Congrats on the running though. Big miles!

Supalinds said...

Awesome week.

I lurve it.

You are going to rock the marathon. Which will give you a serious boost for that little ironman race we are going to do :)

S. Baboo said...

Well, all I can say is that it will be interesting to see what happens at CdA. I'm sticking to running my ass off, literally and figuratively because in my experience the bike only gets you to the run, the run is the slaughterhouse. I can see it being about the bike if you don’t naturally have those powerful Clyde legs but we don’t have that nice light frame to carry through the run and I can tell you one thing for sure as someone who has raced an Ironman at 223 and 203, those extra 20 make a huge difference I can’t even imagine doing one minus another 30 or 40 it would be like some kind of joke.

What the hell am I tryin’ to say…don’t listen to us, listen to your heart. This is your time and money, this is your show and June 22nd will be your day so do what you love and be prepared to revel in your accomplishment.

Oh, and do whatever you can to keep those legs lose with the increased run volume, stretch, soak and massage have worked best for me.

Oly said...

IM is about all three disciplines, thats why it's a triathlon and not a bike race.

That said, each of us has to get there the best way we know how and uninjured.

Your going to be fine at cda, do it how you like, and have fun getting there.

Tea said...

I prefer to think of it as "It's all about the rest".

That seems to suit me just fine.

Unknown said...

Nice job on the long run, Bigun. I wouldn't be concerned about the long run hurting a bit. It always hurts when you start increasing up over 12 miles. Every time I've trained for a marathon I think that first 16 miler hurts just as bad, at the time, as the first 20 miler. Do lots of stretching, that will help.

I have so got to get back on my bike.

tri-mama said...

Bike? What's a bike? The super secret Tac work is a riot btw-can't wait to see it roll out.