Sunday, June 24, 2007

Deer in Headlights

I'm stuck here in front of the computer watching Ironman Live coverage of Ironman Couer D' Alene, and I can't stop watching. A year from now, barring any injury or illness or other bad luck, I'll be one of those hardened souls spinning for 112 miles up and down the hills of Idaho.

I'm nervous just thinking about it. The beginnings of nervousness. It's a big commitment. It's a long day!

Ultimately you make the strokes, push the pedals and turn the legs over on your own, but the folks around you and with you make a huge difference. Mrs. B with her love and support and cowbell. Local training partners like Jetpack, Luke and M-Gel aka Exel-Man. Support from the blog-world. It all adds up to, and on race day.

Another big deal is the synergy of other athletes, near and far, training for the same event. Blink's on board for a go at CdA'08. Baboo will be taking a whack at it. Tri-Greyhound is on the fence, and Spokane Al will heal up and give it another shot. I'm sure there are others...

Robo Stu: "So, CdA'08?"

Iron Jenny: "Coeur D' Alene, 2008, alright, all of us will register for it..."

Bold: "Wildflower '07..."

Robo Stu: "Wildfower '07?"

Iron Jenny: "Wildflower '07?

After careful consideration of PUBLISHED video and audio, the only confirmed interested parties from the classic IMFL'06 Part 2 Video seem to be Robo Stu and Iron Jenny. But what didn't we see? How much was edited? After Bolder suggested Wildflower, was there an acknowledgement of CdA'08? Did the Kahuna chime in, or Trimama perhaps? Everyman was there, right? Did he give a thumbs up? What about my favorite super-hero, the one, the only Taconite Boy? I know this is the Year of the Taconite Boy (tm), but what about next year? Only time will tell. No pressure. "You don't choose a race, the race chooses you" Bolder, 2007 - has IMCdA'08 chosen you yet?

Looks like it's chosen FE-Lady....


Bolder said...

IM CdA '08


did not

choose me.

given that next year is an Olympic year, my intentions are to make an Oly my 'A' event, even though i have a reputation for my longness... at current course and speed, that will be The Boulder Peak '08.

i could be persuaded to do a destination race next year as well... but, nothing in the domestic USA interests me with an M-dot logo at this point in time...

i am SOOOO down for drinking beer in CdA '08 while others suffer.


bigmike600 said...

Not ready to commit to any ironman yet. But I will for sure be one of the bloggers lending support your way big boy. If I get the swim phobia out of me, IM Wisconsin 09 could be in the cards. I need to drop another 30 pounds first. Whatever you decide to do, you will go forth and conquer because that just seems to be who you are.

Taconite Boy said...

Sadly, Tac's super hero schedule and funding will not allow him and the Mama to attend IMCDA 08.

Yet, whats THAT! Tac thinks he sees the tac alert light shining is stellar (and studly) sillouette over Nova Scotia 101 in late 2008???

Yes...fear not citizens O'Canada...your hero will be there to save the day in 08.

Regarding the IMFL poolside conversations....Damn Tequila.

Anonymous said...

Turn off your computer and go train.

Wrenched Photography said...

i'm looking at '09 or '10 for an ironman. I want to attempt and complete one before i'm 30, and have to deal with all the crazy speedy 30-35 yr olds

Brent Buckner said...

I'll just lend comment support.

The Stretch Doc said...

you got your cc out and ready BG..

its go time for IMCdA 08 for ya!


momo said...

do it, bigun, its fantastic. a well run, well spectated, well volunteered race with a GREAT bike profile. you will have a BLAST!

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

I was on and off that site as well yesterday as a girl from another web site was in the race. She got in just under her goal of 14 hours.

Not sure if I will ever get up to an Ironman but I would like to set my sites on a 1/2 in 08 or 09.

But will be here supporting you as you train for your's.

The (IRON) Clyde said...

2008 IMWI or IM Florida will probably be my virgin attempt at IM. IM Cda just doesn't fit in my schedule.

tri-mama said...

Go for it Bigun! Like Tac said-too early in the year, too much money this month, too much stuff going on in late spring with tribe for the mama to train like that. I was tempted last night though

Oly said...

I'm with Ya big guy!

Jetpack said...


WF will make a man out of you. Me not so much. It is one s--t kicker of a course. Go for WF08'.

PS- When we gonna ride again? Also, Ill be coming to any IM you do. So pick one close :)