Thursday, June 21, 2007


Wow, I've been slacking! I'm too busy giving out comment love, I guess. Lots of big racing this weekend - IMCdA and BSLT70.3 are the first two that come to mind. I'm sure there are others, hmm, let's see:


Iron Benny (#436)
Momo (#2290)
Mrs. Everyman Barb (#2386)

BSLT70.3 -

Kona Shelly
Clydeology Myles

IMZurich -

TriJack (My Daily Spin)
Iron Jenny

High Cliff Half -

Iron Wil
Iron Pol
Simply Stu - sorry I forgot you!
Rural Girl - you too!

Escape from the Rock -

The Kahuna (Tri Geek Dreams)

Buffalo Springs Sprint -

Geek Girl

Clearwater Beach Patrol 1 Mile Open Water Swim -

M-Gel aka Excel-Man
Bigun, maybe...

There may be more of you racing this weekend, but you failed to mention it in your blog or have a schedule posted - but - good luck to everyone and have a great weekend!

Reds are add-on's and registration numbers that I dug up - this is an exciting weekend for all!


The Stretch Doc said...

ya bro, now that you got your bike back and are missing your Garmin, we need some of your charts..

keep da luv flown tho..


bigmike600 said...

I been slacking too. Must be something in the air. Gonna fix that tonight though. GO TIL SHE BLOWS. Only running this weekend. First tri is in 3 weeks. I can already hear the guy in the canoe asking me if I'm o.k. and why I am floating on my back.

Wrenched Photography said...

I have a bike build marathon this weekend, that count?

greyhound said...

Triboomer and Mr. Geek Girl (Sweet Baboo)are also racing the BSLT half and Rural Girl is also doing High Cliff.


greyhound said...

OOPS. you've already got Myles aka Baboo.

Tracy said...

You rock BG :) Thanks! Have an awesome weekend!