Friday, June 01, 2007

Hot Head Huah!

I ran 3 miles to the Sports Basement this morning - unbelievable place! It's a good thing there isn't a SB in Tampa, well, that's not really true. I wish there was such a place - wetsuits everywhere, all kinds of sporting goods, biking and tri gear galore - it's an old grocery store packed to the gills with cool stuff. One of those cool things is my Barracuda Hot Head bright red lined neoprene swim cap. Adjustable chin strap too.

Of course, it was cold again today, coldest day so far, with no sun at all peaking through the depressing layer of fog hovering and lingering overhead. The fear is that the fog will drop a couple hundred more feet and obscure the sighting for this swim. That would be bad.

Being chilly, I picked up my bike and only rode it for 5 miles - I did not bring cold weather riding gear and I'm not getting sick for the race. I had shipped it with Tri-bike Transport and it got here in the condition I dropped it off in. So far, so good is my Tri-bike Transport report. I did test out my 27 cassette on a nice little hill heading back to the hotel, and was able to spin and stay seated without difficulty. For a change.

After stalling all day, at 5pm I ventured out to get my agonizing swim in for the day, not so eager to try out my new gear. There were quite a few more triathletes here today, as evident by all the aerobars on the bikes, and the tentative folks at the waterline. Jumping in I was immediately impressed with the difference the new cap made. Night and day. I swam smoothly for about 700 yds and decided to take a break. After a short rest, I dove in again and swam another 400 yds and called it a day. I'd hit my goal of about a 30 min swim, and I know I now can go the distance on race day. One more acclimatization swim tomorrow, and I'll be set.


Oly said...

Howie! That cap is like the football helmets of yester year, soooo...1920's.

Green Eyed Lady (aka GEL) said...

Please post a picture of you in it with CAPtions! ;)

The Stretch Doc said...

Hey i think I wore one of those caps when I lived in Nebraska for winter, :) and its red too!

glad everything is coming along, Im so stoked for ya..