Friday, December 01, 2006

A little cash outlay...

Well, it's started already...I've got 4 races paid for the '07 season! Sommersports has early registration bennies for thier Tri-America Tri Series and for the Florida Challenge 1/2 - so I took advantage of those and saved $50. That first race will be a cool distance - 2K swim, 60k bike and 15k run - a little over an Olympic and little under a 1/2. I'm looking forward to it - being a slow-poke, the longer the race the better it seems.

Then I had to shell out big bucks for St. Anthony's. A day early, they had a special to sign up for 2 races - St. Anthony's and Morton Plant Meese Sprint - which I had planned on doing anyway. I don't see where it was a price break, but I was able to avoid the Dec 1 mad rush to register for SA.

So the tally for '07 so far is a whopping $140 for SA, $65 for the Sprint (high, yes, but its a charity race, supposedly...), $125 for the 1/2 and $75 for the Olympic+/Half-...$405 duckies. I still have the Florida 70.3 to the tune of $200, the Mad Dog Tri for $45, Chicago Tri 's $120 before the end of the year, and Sand Key Sprint for another $50. That's another $400 and change - this is alot more painful when you spell it out - last year I didn't do this drill!

I'm also up for a new pair of running shoes - I'm well over my recommended shoe mileage of 300 miles - 417 miles to be exact. That's just asking for trouble. Maybe after this 1/2 Mary this weekend, I'll spring for a new pair - there's another $110 down the triathlon tubes.


S. Baboo said...

I feel your pain brother! Between myself, my wife and my son we did about 55 events last year, mostly sprints and Olys but there was also 4 70.3s and one iron distance.

This year I’m doing 2 official IMs, my wife is doing one official IM and there will probably be three 70.3s plus sprints and Olys.

I love it though.

Di said...

Those running shoes cost way more than my pumps (on sale ofcourse) LOL

Anonymous said...

is any of that tax deductable? Maybe the Charity race, at least? And Big Bike Fan - she takes YEARs to put that kind of mileage on her pumps. It may be time to look for a sponsor though. ddd.