Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Great Christmas!

I hope everyone had as awesome a Christmas as I did. What was so great about my Christmas, you ask? Mrs. Bigun and I did just about as close to nothing as we could - we relaxed! And that made it great. First thing X-mas morning we scored some great presents - actually, we had some coffee first.

I think I've finally learned how to make coffee. We don't do the "regular" coffee very well - we drink the fu-fu kind - I think we had some variety of Creme Brulee - but for years, Mrs. Bigun was in charge of making the coffee. Then I was learned in that for every 2 cups you scoop in 1 tablespoon of ground coffee. Once I had that down, and somehow that took a while, I was able to participate in the coffee making. I'm still forever banned from margaritas, and that's a good thing (I make horrible margaritas - I just don't blend). Then we grabbed our largest coffee mugs, poured in our flavored, vanilla creamer (we're a bit over the top, I know) and commenced to playing Santa.

Mrs. Bigun did an awesome job this year - as a Tri-fan, she looks at triathlon differently than we participants do. She sees the things we struggle with that are not necessarily training-related, and remembers. I walk by some emergency lighting at the store and don't give it a second thought; she sees it and remembers how much we struggle putting air in our tires in the dark, and how crummy the lighting is in transition areas. So I got some cool lights. And some neat coozies that hold 6-packs and big water bottles. And she also remembers the time we left the light on in the truck, ran the batteries down and no one had jumper-cables...so now I have a nifty car emergency kit. And work shoes. And an air-tool kit. My Brother-in-Law gave us a most-awesome gift - 2 plane tickets anywhere on Delta - so our flights to San Fransisco for Escape just got taken care of - thanks Bro!

After playing Santa, we commenced to doing nothing again. Di watched "A Christmas Story", again (if I hear, "you'll shoot your eye out" one more time...) - her favorite Christmas show, and my sister and her husband came over for lunch. We sat around (the theme for the day) and watched a couple more movies, and then they left. We were going to go bring some gifts over to our friend's house, but, well, we were just enjoying doing nothing.

Then I got a small hit of motivation, probably from remembering that I'm in on that SlowTwitch Virtual Christmas Camp, and went for an hour run. We were fortunate to get a small break from the rain, 'cause after that hour, it started raining again, like it had all day. If it were only 50 degrees colder, it would have been a white Christmas for us. Luckily (for us...) the tornado hit about 20 miles north of us...that would have made for a crummy Christmas for sure! The news said it damaged around 80 homes...So, now it's back to work, already - I really hope all of you had as great a Christmas as I did and are looking forward to burning off all of these X-mas calories and extra lbs as I am!


S. Baboo said...

The beauty of nothing, my favorite holiday vacation plan!

If I ever do decide to head for Florida you will know. Likewise, if you are heading for New Mexico, or to points further west via car...mi casa es su casa!

Tri-Dummy said...

Merry Christmas, big guy. Sounds like it was a good one.

You doing the New Years virtual tri?

Bolder said...

i watched the last half hour of 'A Christmas Story' for the first time.

another thing, i just don't understand about you americans...

Anonymous said...

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