Friday, December 15, 2006

one o one

I've been reading a lot about this race - and it's got a bunch of merits. First - with the Bradenton location, it's really close to home - no-need-for-a-hotel close. That means a big savings of course, and the logistics is less headache forming. Second, it will be pancake flat, the water will be warm, if not wetsuit legal, and the run will be good and flat too. Third, I'm confident that I could complete it right now, today, if I had to (although the 18.6 mile run would not be much fun today...). Forth, it's "only" $300 (before Feb 5th, so I have plenty of time to decide - I don't think this one will sell out...). Fifth, there's a relatively short recovery period following the race. Everyone says that the Ironman race really starts at 80 miles and 20 miles on the run - so its not a crusher. Sixth - its the inaugural race - pretty cool to be in the first of something.

Then there's the bugs. First - it's the inaugural race - so there's bound to be plenty of hiccups, right? Second, I'm racing hard at St. Anthony's the week before. But, that could just be a hard brick for a race of this length - actually, it's an easy brick. I could taper for the week following St. Anthony's, right? But is a week enough of a taper for this length of race - probably not. So third, I can't fit in a long enough taper. Fourth, that's a lot of racing in a short amount of time - 2 weeks later I'm in the Mad Dog Sprint, and then 2 weeks after that I'm in the Rock and RollMan Half. That's a lot of racing.

I'll admit, too, that I've not been a proponent of this race since I heard of it. But it's growing on me. I'm starting to look at it like a race, and not comparing it to an Ironman. I've learned that it takes less time to recover from, and it looks like it will have a pretty good Pro turnout - and that makes a race neat. I guess I'm considering it because it's there. I would have been content with 2 half-iron distance races this year, dammit - then all you blog-friends had to go and do Ironmans last year (and this year too). This 101 would be a good litmus test for the Iron-distance, like say, the GFT in October instead of the Florida Challenge....I'm a gluten for punishment.


bbieberitz said...

This is the targret race for '08?..but in '08 before IM-Wisconsin. I love that area of Florida and I can stay down there on Anna Island for free, so I might just see you down there). The RD (Shannon Kruek puts on a great race) Spirit of Racine Half iron distance up here in Wisconsin.

Bigun said...

Yea, this race has grown on me - looks like a busy 10 weeks from April to June...